So what is the Red Pill Expo?

So what is the Red Pill Expo?  Red Pill EXPO is the major annual event of Red Pill University, founded in 2017 to help truth seekers better understand how the world really works – contrary, in many cases, to commonly held illusions. The visionary behind the University is G. Edward Griffin, author of the famous exposé of the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island. The mission of the University and the EXPO is to bring together world-class experts to set the record straight on fake narratives, fake history, and fake news. The EXPO also is a fundraiser for developing ‘campuses’ of Red Pill University consisting of teachers and students working together as ‘boots on the ground’ to achieve social and political influence at the community level. Thanks for helping to make this happen.

Taking the RED PILL is a contemporary meme from the sci-fi movie, The Matrix, in which humans are living in a world of illusion that prevents them from knowing they are enslaved by unseen masters. The only way to see things as they really are is to reject the blue pill, which perpetuates the illusion, and take the red pill, which makes it possible to see reality. So… 

Attend the RED PILL Expo. See through the illusion. Reject the fake news. Escape the matrix.

Take the red pill.

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So what is the Red Pill Expo?

“Red Pill Expo is on the forefront of a movement in America that is desperately needed and long overdue.”
~Tom DeWeese, Speaker
Founder and CEO of American Policy Center

If you live in the inland northwest (even if you don’t), this is a must-see event with some of the most distinguished conservative speakers in the country. Be there! June 21-23 at the Spokane Convention Center. Some of the speakers are nationally and internationally known figures, including retired U.S. Army Major General Paul Vallely, Robert Kiyosaki, Lord Christopher Monckton, Trevor Loudon, Jeanette Finicum; widow of the late Lavoy Finicum who was murdered by state and Federal authorities in Oregon. These are just a few of the speakers who will be there.  According to their website, the goal of the Red Pill Expo is to help you to break free from the avalanche of propaganda, fake news and outright deception, and to embrace reality for a better life.  You will hear from leading experts in health care, finance, climate science, globalization and politics… in one of the most beautiful, clear-headed areas in the nation.


World Premier of LAVOY: Dead Man Talking

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