Snowflakes at Univ. of Kansas crash conservative meeting to call them white supremacists

Perpetually-offended snowflakes crash conservative meeting
Screengrab: YouTube

Liberals used to say they support free speech even if they disagreed with it.  Now, they simply reserve it for themselves while severely curtailing it for others.  On Friday, the Daily Caller reported that a group of perpetually-offended snowflakes at the University of Kansas crashed and disrupted a meeting of the local chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative group.

According to the Daily Caller:

The incident was sparked over a feud on Facebook. Student Micha Fox posted a comment online claiming she was harassed due to being transgender, and she began planning a Sept. 27 event called “Stand With ME.” Fellow student Gabriel Lepinski, chairman of the school’s branch of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), shared the event with group members to criticize it.

“[T]his is why this group is so important,” she said. “Facts don’t care about your feelings, even if you shout them as loudly as you can on wescoe beach [a popular campus location.]”

Lepinski’s dismissive attitude got out to Fox and her allies, and so they decided to attend YAF’s meeting Thursday to complain about it. More than a half hour of the meeting was captured on video and subsequently put on YouTube by Young America’s Foundations, YAF’s parent organization.

Here’s video of the incident:

According to Lepinski, the Stand With ME crowd was welcome as long as they brought an open mind, but, she said, the event quickly “dissolved into them arguing with us for being white supremacists because we are white.”

Naturally, because that’s how leftists roll.

The snowflakes also didn’t like the pronouns the conservatives used and demanded to be called “black people” instead of “blacks.”

There’s more at the Daily Caller, but you get the point.

Twitchy added:

What’s most troubling about the video is the obvious sense of entitlement the students interrupting have. As if they somehow are “entitled” to interrupt that meeting and accuse Conservatives of being racists because of their “protected class.”


And someday, we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren that America was a country where college students were weaned and didn’t wet their diapers over a pronoun.

The fact is, a growing number of Americans are getting sick and tired of these constantly-whining thin-skinned crybullies and their constant outrage over literally nothing.

If they can’t stand reality and life on a college campus, they’ll never be able to handle real life and should go back to sucking on their pacifiers.


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