Sherronna Bishop – A Colorado Mom in the Crosshairs of Garland’s FBI

Sherronna Bishop is the most dangerous Mom in America…at least the FBI seems to think so. On Tuesday, November 16, while she was homeschooling her children, the FBI bashed in her door, took her into custody, and searched her home. The Search Warrant accused her of “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer.” She told us she has no idea what that’s about.

The FBI raid

She was at home with her three children Tuesday morning when she heard someone pounding on the front door. She said the officers “manhandled” her 18-year-old daughter, pulling her up the stairs by her hoodie, while another officer put her in handcuffs. They proceeded to search the entire house…

The U.S. Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland issued an Oct. 4 memorandum directing federal, state and local law enforcement to look for parents to prosecute nationwide who may have made “threats” and made “harassing” phone calls to school board members nationwide, equating such parents to domestic terrorists.

Worldview weekend

The “Election Deniers”

She’s the mother of three who happens to have an organization that works to tell parents what’s happening with their children’s education. Sherronna stands with Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who says she has proof of the 2020 election being fraudulent. A statement that is a trigger for the Garland DOJ to come after the clerk and anyone associated with her. According to the Colorado Sun, Ms Peters went into hiding after a symposium held by Mike Lindell in August.

The specific federal code is 18 U.S. Code § 1030. The statute talks about accessing a protected computer- which is likely the Mesa county elections computers (Dominion). Sherronna says she had no idea what they’re talking about on the search warrant when we asked her. When asked by interviewer Brannon Howse on Worldview Weekend, whether she had ever accessed any of the Dominion election computers, she replied no. The narrative of leftists in politics is that anyone who denies the 2020 election results must be a domestic terrorist, an “insurrectionist.” The Marxist elites in charge of the country want everyone to live in fear – something Sherronna, along with the rest of us, find abhorrent.

I don’t know anything about this. They couldn’t explain any of this. I will tell you why: they were at my home to intimidate me, to shut me up, because I was using my First Amendment rights to advocate for Tina Peters on the issue of Dominion and the damage done in our election. And they’ll never be held accountable. Instead they will criminalize this woman who has stood up…

I know people will say, well Sheronna, why don’t you just shut your mouth… That’s exactly what they hope you will do. I can open my mouth and say whatever I want to say and that is not a criminal action. This is about their desire to shut you down and stop you from saying it…

I’m a law abiding citizen, I’m very supportive of law enforcement. I love the Constitution. And what happened yesterday, what happened is something I never imagined I would experience in America.

Sherronna Bishop

Parents who disapprove of schools abusing, indoctrinating their children

Sherronna Bishop’s organization “Americasmom.net” has been successful in flipping 9 school boards in Colorado from blue to red. They are effective at what they do, much to the dismay of the Biden administration. To her knowledge, no one in the organization has ever been “violent” at school board meetings, or warrant the DOJ label “domestic terrorists.” They have gone to express their displeasure with things like Critical Race Theory, forced masking of young children, etc., which is their absolute right to do under the Constitution.

“Colorado was able to flip nine school boards this year. We were able to get one of our leftists to resign and we also flipped our school board in the election. And people like me are considered domestic terrorists now, because we don’t stand for the policies that have been forced upon our children.”

Sherronna Bishop

Sherronna will now need a lawyer to help her navigate the complicated Federal bureaucracy. This targeting of an ordinary “suburban mom” is a harbinger of what is to come at least for the next 3 years. Heads up and stand up.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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