Seattle: Armed burglary suspect picked wrong house

A 41-year-old burglary suspect in Seattle was found shot in the shoulder by police in the back yard of a home in the South Park area in a case that might be an unusual signal that at least some people in the much-maligned metropolis have had it with crime.

Seattle police were investigating the shooting of a burglary suspect by a female homeowner armed with a rifle. (Screen snip, YouTube, KCPQ)

The female homeowner, according to published reports, nailed this guy with a rifle. Police investigators reportedly found several bullet holes in the house, and they think that might have been the suspect’s handiwork. Responding officers found a handgun on the ground next to the suspect, who was transported to a hospital.

Seattle is home to two gun control organizations, the billionaire-backed Alliance for Gun Responsibility and the less active Washington CeaseFire. So far, neither group has issued any kind of statement, while Second Amendment activists have been talking about the incident throughout the day on social media.

By no small coincidence, the incident happened just hours after a two-evening “gun-violence summit” convened by the King County Board of Health had wrapped up. It was an event that Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, described as a political event disguised as a public health effort.

“They’re trying to convince the public that the cure to violent crime is to amputate the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights,” the group noted in a news release.

“They couldn’t sell gun control as crime control,” Gottlieb observed. “Then they couldn’t sell gun control as gun safety. Now they’re trying to convince the public that gun ownership is a public health issue… They’ve repackaged their agenda, but it’s the same old snake oil in a different bottle, and their strategy is right out of the gun control playbook.”

According to KOMO, the local ABC affiliate, the suspect was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The woman shot him apparently as he was trying to break into her house. Two other men have been arrested in connection with the investigation, the Seattle Police Blotter reported. They were booked into the King County jail.

Seattle has been getting considerable publicity in recent months, ever since KOMO aired a special report titled “Seattle Is Dying.” It was a look at what many consider is a genuine crisis in the city, dealing with homelessness and drug abuse. The city administration, which is decidedly anti-gun, has been devoting considerable time and money to solving the so-called “homelessness crisis” and even wants to establish a “safe injection site” for drug users.

A police source could not provide information on the type or caliber of the woman’s rifle.

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