School Breaks Up Kindergarten Sex Ring

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Six students were suspended for a month from a Racine, Wisconsin, school after it was discovered that they were simulating sex in the closet on a daily basis.  The ringleader was a girl in kindergarten.  After an investigation, school officials determined that students in one classroom were going into the classroom closet on a daily basis to simulate sex and the teacher says she never knew it was happening.

The children would pretend to be returning Legos to the closet, but would slip inside for some “play time.”  (Didn’t the teacher wonder why these kids came out of the closet smoking cigarettes?)

One grandmother who received a letter from the school about her grandchild’s suspension was shocked by the activity that was allegedly going on.  The school did not release the details to the general public and of course the names of the students were not published.  According to reports, this activity had been going on for quite some time and the school did a full investigation that included the teacher.  The activity had been going on since the kids were in preschool the year before.

In all, six students were suspended and another twelve or so are receiving counseling.  The six were the ones actually involved in the pseudo sex, while the other kids would watch.  One grandmother was furious that the teacher didn’t notice this was happening every day.  She also feels that school officials were lax in their duty to have allowed this to go on so long.

The question that needs to be asked is how the girl who was four at the time she began the closet trysts learned about sex.  With cable and the internet so readily available, parents must be vigilant to make sure their young and impressionable kids do not have access to them.

I’m utterly stunned.


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