Sanders goons allegedly threaten NYT reporter over Clinton article

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hatemongers threaten New York Times reporterOn Tuesday, New York Times political reporter Amy Chozick issued a disturbing tweet indicating that she’s been targeted with threats from supporters of Socialist Bernie Sanders, a.k.a., “Crazy Bernie.”

“I won’t be answering calls from unknown numbers today, after third call from Bernie supporters telling me they’d hunt me down in the streets,” she wrote.

Although she didn’t say exactly why she was targeted by lunatic Sanders supporters, it seems her “sin” is writing this article about Hillary Clinton:

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Followers asked what was going on.  She responded:

Sounds like a threat to me…

One person answered:

Sadly, that’s pretty standard.  Kinda like, “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

One person asked:

She answered:

True.  But there comes a time when you have to put a stop to things like this…

Glenn Thrush, a senior political correspondent for Politico, stepped in:

There was some discussion on Chozick’s tweet about whether the threats came from Sanders supporters or Trump supporters posing as die-hard leftists.

One person, however, disputed that:

One person gave Chozick some sage advise:

Another person added:

After what happened at a Trump rally in San Jose, though, I don’t think ignoring the threats are a good idea.

One person observed:

Some of us have already been trying to have that conversation for quite a while.  In February 2011, I first observed that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.

Sadly, leftists have proven that assertion correct on just about any given day since.  Some, like Mike Dickinson, the unhinged leftist currently running to be Mayor of Richmond, Virginia, have taken that to extremes.

In 2014, he went so far as to say that he’s perfectly okay with the extermination of five million NRA members.  And he still thinks that killing all NRA members is a good start for fixing what’s wrong with the country.

It’s enough to make one think these people really do want a second, bloody civil war in America.

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