Russians Did It. Trump Dossier Prepared by Russian Backed Fusion GPS

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Fusion GPS is being accused of being an agent of a foreign government, namely Russia. They also just happen to be the supplier of the unverified information in that Trump Dossier. Wait…you mean, the “firm” behind that so-called Trump Dossier from the election that got BuzzFeed in hot water last year was connected to Russia? Yes. Russians are everywhere.

Fusion GPS is the “research group” that claimed the Planned Parenthood videos were “edited.”

Let’s try to wrap our collective heads around this ridiculous piece of news:

Dumpster Diving Funded by Russia

Fusion GPS has been used by the DNC and other Democrats for years to find scummy information that is used to attack Republicans, according to the Weekly Standard. The group is led by a former Wall Street Reporter named Glenn Simpson. Who, we might add, has never disclosed who has been paying him for his many dumpster dives. Now we learn that it has been…um, cough…Russia.

Russians, Russians everywhere

Senator Grassley asked FBI Director Comey today about the Russian connection to Fusion.  The director declined to give an answer.

Actually he did give an answer, he said, “I can’t answer that.”

Fusion supplied the “information” to help ex-British spy Christopher Steele create the anti-Trump dossier. The Justice Department filed a complaint against the “research firm,” charging them with being an agent of a Foreign Government.

Senator Grassley sent a letter to the FBI on April 28 requesting information on Fusion’s Russian involvement, and the reliance of the FBI on Steele’s dossier. In that letter he demanded the following:

1.Documentation of all payments made to Mr. Steele, including for travel expenses, if any; the date of any such payments; the amount of such payments; the authorization for such payments.

2. When the FBI was in contact with Mr. Steele or otherwise relying on information in the dossier, was it aware that his employer, Fusion GPS, was allegedly simultaneously working as an unregistered agent for Russian interests? Please provide all related documents.

3. If so, when and how did FBI become aware of this information? Did it include this information about Fusion GPS’s alleged work for Russian principals in any documents describing or relying on information from the dossier? If not, why not?

4. If the FBI was previously unaware of Fusion GPS’s alleged unregistered activity on behalf of Russian interests and connections with a former Russian intelligence operative, does the FBI plan to amend any applications, reports, or other documents it has created that describe or rely on the information in the dossier to add this information? If so, please provide copies of all amended documents. If not, why not?

Russian Gators in the Swamp

The bottom line is right here:

Got it?

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