Netanyahu sends none-too-subtle threat to Iran’s ayatollahs

Netanyahu just want's to say hi. (Twitter)
Netanyahu just wants to say hi. (Twitter)

Netanyahu speaks directly to the Iranian people…

In the cold calculations of possible thermo-nuclear strike, sometimes a nice word might momentarily confuse your enemy. It’s also just the polite thing to do.

Case in point would be the awfully nice message Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just sent to the people of Iran.

Not to the Supreme Leader, the other ayatollahs on the Guardian Council, or the Revolutionary Guards, mind you. But to the people.

As reported by the Associated Press on the Breitbart.com news portal, PM Netanyahu just “recorded a conciliatory message to the people of Iran, saying, ‘we are your friend, not your enemy.'”

In the video uploaded to his Facebook page Saturday, Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the people of Iran in English, with Farsi subtitles. He says he will soon discuss with President Donald Trump how to counter the threat of an Iranian regime that calls for Israel’s destruction, but that he distinguishes between the regime and the people.

“You have a proud history. You have a rich culture. Tragically, you are shackled by a theocratic tyranny,” he says.

Specifically, Netanyahu posted (in part) on his Facebook page;

In a free Iran you will once again be able to flourish without limit. But today, a cruel regime is trying to keep you down.

I’ll never forget the images of brave young students hungry for change gunned down in the streets of Tehran in 2009; and I’ll never forget beautiful Neda Sultan gasping for her last breath on that sidewalk.

This ruthless regime continues to deny you your freedom. It prevents thousands of candidates from competing in elections. It steals money from your poor to fund a mass murderer like Assad.

By calling daily for Israel’s destruction, the regime hopes to instill hostility between us.
This is wrong. We are your friend, not your enemy. We’ve always distinguished between the Iranian people and the Iranian regime.

The regime is cruel – the people are not; the regime is aggressive – the people are warm.
I yearn for the day when Israelis and Iranians can once again visit each other freely in Tehran and Esfahan, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The fanatics must not win. Their cruelty must not conquer our compassion.

Our two peoples can work together for a more peaceful and hopeful future for both of us. We must defeat terror and tyranny and we must ensure that freedom and friendship win the day.

Netanyahu has made no secret that he has every intention of destroying Iran’s nuclear weapons infrastructure once he believes they are on the cusp of completing their own nuclear device.

While estimates of Israel’s nuclear arsenal vary from a mere 80 to 300, the country has more than just their vaunted Air Force to rely on.

While the owner’s manual states that Israel’s Jericho 3 missiles can reach out and touch someone at a maximum distance of 6,500 kilometers (roughly the distance to Rangoon, Thailand), it’s whispered that the upgraded Jericho 3 could hit targets as far away as northern Argentina or eastern Indonesia.

Iran is basically a stone’s throw down the street.

The it comes to Israel’s very-little discussed nuclear-armed submarine fleet.

London’s Sunday Times reported in 2010 that the Israeli Navy’s Flotilla 7, comprised of three German-built Dolphin-class submarines — the INS (Israeli Naval Ship) Dolphin, the INS Tekuma and the INS Leviathan — have paid less than clandestine visits to the Gulf in the past, undoubtedly to send a message to the Iranian ayatollahs who continue to call for the destruction of Israel.

The flotilla’s commander, identified only as “Colonel O,” told an Israeli newspaper:

We are an underwater assault force. We’re operating deep and far, very far, from our borders.

Dolphin-class submarines are equipped with hydraulic ejection systems that enable the underwater launch of Israeli Popeye Turbo SLCM long-range cruise missiles, believed to have nuclear warheads.

Israel’s Popeye cruise missiles are believed to have a range of up to 900 miles and carry a 450-pound payload, enough for a 100 to 200 kT variable yield warhead, the equivalent of 200 million to 400 million pounds of TNT.


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