Russia and North Korea Sign Mutual Defense Treaty: What It Means for World Security

When Trump was in office he kept North Korea at bay in many ways. By actively engaging with Kim Jong-Un, he got some concessions from the hermit kingdom that no one thought possible. When Biden was elected, all communication was cut off. They wouldn’t even answer Biden’s phone calls. Since then, NoKo has forged relationships with our adversaries that should cause the US serious concerns. Now, Russia’s Vladimir Putin made a rare visit to North Korea to sign a mutual defense treaty.

Mutual Defense Treaty

If anyone attacks North Korea, Russia is now obligated to come to their defense and vice versa. But what does it really mean? A previous mutual defense treaty was signed in 1961, but it was not “revived” until now.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Russia is in need of ammunition for its war in Ukraine. North Korea has plenty of it and has been sharing their bounty with Russia for months. The treaty is another matter, and seriously even more ominous. Kim has been solidly in support of Putin’s war in Ukraine. What will be the consequences of NoKo having a powerful backing?


“I would like to note that the indefinite restrictive regime of the UN Security Council against North Korea, inspired by the United States and its allies, must be revised,” Putin declared, according to Tass.

“We will continue to oppose the practice of sanctions strangulation as a tool that the West is accustomed to using to maintain its hegemony in politics, economy and other spheres.”

Putin’s government supported the current United Nations Security Council sanctions on North Korea, imposed in 2017 in response to its last nuclear bomb test.

Putin nonetheless also appeared to support North Korea’s illicit nuclear development on Wednesday, stating, “North Korea has the right to take reasonable measures to strengthen its own defense capabilities, ensure national security and protect its sovereignty.” Breitbart

Into this backdrop came North Korean soldiers who made an incursion across the demilitarized zone into South Korea on Tuesday. The move caused South Korea to respond with warning shots. It was widely reported as an “accident.” But was it? North Korea withdrew from the agreement with South Korea back in November. Will the mutual defense treaty have another consequence?

Some 20-30 North Korean troops crossed the military demarcation line, or MDL, in the center section of the DMZ at 8:30 a.m., the JCS said in a message to reporters.

The South Korean military broadcast warning messages and fired warning shots, prompting the North Korean soldiers to return to their side of the border, the JCS said.

A JCS official told reporters Tuesday that the crossing appeared to be accidental, as the North has been ramping up activity in frontline areas of the DMZ since withdrawing from an inter-Korean military agreement in November.

“Various types of work are being carried out as part of strengthening security forces, such as clearing land, laying mines, reinforcing tactical roads and installing unknown structures that appear to be anti-tank barriers,” the official said in a background briefing. UPI

Russia’s new treaty may portend new difficulties with the North Korean regime. Kim tends toward reckless behavior – what will he do with the backing of a powerful nation like Russia? How fast could this spiral out of control?



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