MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP: WHO Elects Communist North Korea To Head Up Its Executive Board

(Natural News) The World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen its new Executive Board, which is to be headed up by none other than communist North Korea.

The United Nations health body decided that the regime of Kim Jong Un will best occupy its Executive Board, which, according to the WHO “is composed of 34 persons who are technically qualified in the field of health, each designated by a Member State that has been elected to serve by the World Health Assembly.”

For the next three years, North Korea will make public health decisions on behalf of all WHO member nations, including the United States. Does this mean that North Korea will be in charge of the next “pandemic” that gets unleashed? It sure looks that way.

Keep in mind that North Korea is said to be one of the most oppressive communist regimes in the entire world. While allegedly persecuting and starving its own people, the country built up a nuclear arsenal. Other facets of daily life in North Korea reportedly include:

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  • Forced labor at prison camps known as “kwanliso” where detainees are abused and mistreated.
  • Forced incarceration at political prison camps where enemies of the state, including political dissidents and their families, are tortured, starved, and subjected to other forms of abuse.
  • Arbitrary detention without due process or access to legal representation, with the government holding detainees for extended periods of time without formal charges or a trial.
  • Public execution for those deemed to have engaged in espionage, political dissent, and even just “disobedience” to the regime.
  • Heavy restrictions on free speech and other forms of expression, including the possession and distribution of unauthorized materials (i.e., foreign media).
  • Collective punishment for the families of individuals deemed to be disloyal to the regime.

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North Korea is a perfect candidate for the next “pandemic” 2.0

Read through the above list one more time and consider how closely North Korea’s communist system matches the system that governments of the world imposed on their citizens during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Consider also that COVID was just a test run for the next “pandemic” 2.0, which everyone from Bill Gates to Warren Buffett to Klaus Schwab has promised is soon to come.

Putting two and two together, it would seem as though the WHO, as it readies its so-called Pandemic Treaty, is filling the slot of the next global dictatorship with none other than North Korea, which will be a perfect fit for even worse authoritarianism that is soon to come as the next “global emergency.”

North Korea is a perfect fit as its system of government and civic life is the exact template the globalists want to see implemented all around the world, including in the U.S., once the next “crisis” arrives.

One of the world’s most horrific regimes, in other words, will soon dictate how the rest of the world responds to the next global chaos event, whether that be another “deadly virus” or grid takedown or worse.

North Korea will be tasked with establishing and enforcing the new rules, standards, and norms for the world once the fresh chaos arrives – and it is sure to make what happened during COVID seem like a cakewalk.

“This is the same organization that Biden is ready to hand dictatorial powers to,” wrote someone on an article about North Korea’s appointment to this top WHO position.

“Yep,” responded another. “A ‘treaty’ that will grant them sovereignty over us all by DECLARING a plandemic.”

The time has come to completely dismantle the World Health Organization. To learn more about the WHO’s plans, visit Tyranny.news.

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