Liberals lose cookies over trending #HeterosexualPrideDay Twitter hashtag

Twitter explodes over #HeterosexualPrideDayAre you straight? Are you on Twitter? If so, you may want to go over and celebrate #HeterosexualPrideDay and check out what liberals are saying.  According to the Daily Caller, they’re freaking out over the idea that the most common sexual orientation on the planet (and the only one capable of producing offspring) might have a day of its own.

Here’s just a few of the tweets:

Why not?  You got a problem with people who breathe air?  Are you a breathophobe?  Why do you hate so much?

And of course, the hate flowed freely:


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then there was the obligatory death wish, because that’s just the way liberals roll…

Of course, a lot of people had fun with the angry leftists.

Sadly, that’s quite true.

So there, liberals!  Why do you hate so much?


Lighten up and laugh a little, willya?

You obviously didn’t get the memo.  “Equality” is only for certain groups the left deems deserving of it.  The rest of us can forget it…

So get over it, liberals.  Smile and try to practice what you preach.  Unless, of course, you’re a heterophobe…


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