Responding to Arapahoe High shooting, liberals engage in bloodthirsty, genocidal hate

US-SCHOOL-SHOOTINGOnce again, liberals proved theirs is an ideology of genocidal rage and hate.

Responding to the tragic Arapahoe High School shooting, liberals — true to form — blamed the NRA instead of the high school student identified as Karl Pierson.  They also engaged in the usual name-calling and hate, all the while forgetting that Colorado just passed a slew of strict gun control measures.  And of course, they engaged in the usual calls for murder.  Because, apparently, liberals think murdering NRA members and conservatives will fix whatever ails America.

Examiner reported:

On Friday, two students were wounded in a shooting at Arapahoe High School in Colorado. According to authorities, the suspected gunman died from what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds. Predictably, liberal hatemongers on Twitter blamed the NRA, Twitchy said, with some calling for the death of NRA members.


“You good with this school shooting or nah? @NRA,” another person added.

But that wasn’t enough:

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Then there was this little gem, posted on Facebook:

friedlhateNice, huh?  This person’s Facebook account says he’s an attorney, BTW.

Genocidal hate like this is nothing new for the left.

It’s enough to make one believe they really do want a second civil war.

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