Report: Florida woman advocates mass shooting at NRA meeting

It seems that for anti-gun leftists, violence is the necessary response for whatever ails them — in this case, the existence of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Second Amendment.  On Saturday, Laura Loomer said that Florida native Sable Marie Mongold called for mass shootings at NRA meetings.

“Let’s make this interesting…How about shooting up an NRA meeting?” she allegedly asked in a Facebook post.

Loomer added:

The post received several “like” and “laugh” emoji responses, and several comments.
Taking it to an even more disturbing level, Mongold posted underneath the status, “How many dudes might die though? Even 2? I guess they’d think their point was worth it.”
Mongold’s social media reveals she is a leftist and Bernie Sanders supporter.

Loomer said she intends to report Mongold’s threat of a mass shooting at an NRA meeting to the FBI.

“Maybe this time they will actually do their job,” she wrote.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen reports of this kind of rhetoric since the Florida shooting.  On Friday, Paul Joseph Watson reported that a Facebook page called “Milkshakes Against the Republican Party” advocated killing Republicans until something is done to stop school shootings.

“Dear Crazed Shooters, The GOP has frequent baseball practice. You really wanna be remembered, that’s how you do it. Signed, Americans tired of our politicians bathing in the blood of the innocent for a few million dollars from the terrorist organization NRA,” read one post on the page.

“You remember the shooting at the Republican baseball game?” another post asked. “One of those should happen EVERY WEEK until those NRA-funded sons of bitches do something about this.”

The page has been torn down since Watson’s report, but the sentiment remains.

Watson added:

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The mention of GOP baseball practice is in reference to the June 2017 shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise, which was carried out by a far-left Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson, who was attempting to murder as many Republicans as possible.

These posts again illustrate how extremists on both the far left and far right are exploiting the hyper-partisan environment to spread hate and encourage violence.

Leftists on Twitter responded to a parent of one of the victims who lost his daughter in the school shooting with total vitriol merely because the man was wearing a ‘Trump 2020’ t-shirt.

What’s next?


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