Report: FBI Pays Out Tens Of Millions Per Year To Operatives Who Push Democrat Party Narratives

(Natural News) A stunning new investigative report lays out in detail how the FBI spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars every single year paying off political operatives to help push left-wing Democrat political narratives.

The report, by American Greatness investigative journalist Julie Kelly, notes that the bureau’s grift is expended through the Confidential Human Source (CHS) program, which is appropriate given that the agency rarely, if ever, has to disclose its sources in courts of law or any other forum so the American people who are funding the program can stay informed.

Describing the CHS program as “a cash-flush operation now primarily used to bolster Democratic Party narratives instead of detecting and preventing crime,” Kelly goes on to say that “the FBI spends an average of $42 million per year to pay informants and does so with absolutely no financial or legal accountability.”

“Confidential human sources are paid in cash; they can offer their services for a variety of reasons including financial need or to obtain a change in immigration status. FBI agents are required to keep at least one informant on the books, an FBI whistleblower told me; successfully using a CHS to bust up a crime is one way to get promoted,” she wrote.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

However, she noted further that ongoing federal trials related to the phony Trump-Russia hoax, the January 6 false flag operations, and the “fednapping” case involving Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are providing a fresh look at the manner in which the FBI acquires its snitches largely to advance a leftist political agenda.

She writes:

After numerous investigations over the course of more than six years—not to mention an obsessive fixation by the national media—the scandal known as Russiagate produced another bombshell revelation during the perjury trial of Igor Danchenko, the key source for the Steele dossier. The FBI offered to pay Christopher Steele, its author, up to $1 million in cash if he could verify the dossier’s declarations about Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. He could not.

Of the dossier’s fabricated claims about then-GOP nominee Donald Trump, roughly 80 percent of them came from Danchenko. Steele, himself a British intelligence operative, had to know he was being played by Danchenko, who was just found not guilty on several counts of misleading and lying to the FBI, charges that were brought by special counsel John Durham, appointed by then-Attorney General Bob Barr during the final days of Trump’s term.

And in fact, as Kelly notes, Steele himself was still an operative, but for Democrats, not the British government.

“Described for years as a ‘former British intelligence officer,’ Steele, in fact, was a private consultant with several paymasters in 2016. Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee retained Steele to write his dossier that alleged shadowy connections between the Kremlin and Trump associates. At the same time, Steele was lobbying the U.S. government on behalf of Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch who ran afoul of the Obama Administration,” she wrote.

When the $1 million cash offer was made to him in October 2016, Steele was working as an informant for the FBI as well. “He moved seamlessly between the bureau, other government agencies including the State Department, and the national news media almost until Election Day. Steele met with journalists and editors in the fall of 2016 to spin the dossier’s content as legitimate—and some outlets took the bait,” Kelly added.

In fact, most did; the ‘Trump-Russian collusion’ lie became so pervasive in the American mainstream media that to this day, tens of millions of Americans who were lied to about it still think Trump was/is in bed with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Eventually, the FBI cut Steele loose, ironically Kelly points out, in October 2020, the same month Barr named Durham special counsel.

“It’s unclear exactly what Danchenko did as an informant. Was he used as a behind-the-scenes leaker to give oxygen to the Russiagate hoax in the media? Did the bureau hire him as an informant to protect him, and the FBI, from the prying eyes of investigators?” Kelly noted.

“Either way, it’s clear the FBI didn’t hire these informants because the government had cause to suspect Trump was in cahoots with Russia to rig the 2016 election. To the contrary, the informants manufactured the falsehood, giving FBI partisans and the news media fabricated evidence to sabotage Trump with the FBI’s imprimatur,” she added.

The FBI has become a full-fledged entrapment agency whose primary purpose is as a legal cudgel against Trump-supporting Americans.

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