May Day Leftist/Anarchist Madness

may day

Yesterday was May Day, the day the anarchists of the world come out to protest “worker’s rights” and anything else on their Communist-Socialist agenda. But it has evolved past worrying about an 8 hour work day for members of labor unions…it’s now a full-fledged protest day for apparently anyone and everyone.

At a May Day rally in New York, liberals called for Trump to get beheaded by ISIS. That’s “tolerant” and “loving.”

Then there was Cuban protester Daniel Llorente who was beaten by the Communists in Havana for interrupting their May Day hatefest by waving the American flag. He loves America, but people wearing Che Guevara shirts didn’t like him ruining their march.


Of course there was Leftist heaven Portland, Oregon, where masked Antifa turned a permitted march into a riot.

No worries, police pulled the permit after people launched full cans of Pepsi  and threw rocks at police.

OK enough of Portland. Then there was Seattle. Where Pro-Trumpers and Anti-Trumpers faced off, then went and smoked a joint together. Seriously.

Antifa was present in Seattle and in their usual bad mood:


Even Starbucks understands that leftists are violent becuase they boarded up their stores:

But then there was the joint:

Three men were arrested during the Seattle protests, but by and large there were few issues. Maybe everyone should stay stoned all the time and skip the beatings.


A familiar pattern

May Day was originally chosen in the late 19th Century to commemorate the “Haymarket Massacre.” It may be hard to believe, but there were anarchists and Antifa style protesters even back in 1884. The anarchists believed the rich were in charge of everything, and rejected Capitalism. Even when they received the 8 hour work day, they protested and created havoc. When about 3000 people gathered in Haymarket Square in Chicago on May 4, 1886, someone threw a bomb into the ranks of police. Seven police and 4 civilians were killed and dozens of others wounded. The bomber was never brought to trial.

Yes, May Day has a long history of Communism…and it started here in the US. Sixty six nations have it as a National Holiday.

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