Rep Marsha Blackburn for Speaker of the House

Marsha_Blackburn_OfficialThere are many declared candidates for Speaker of the House and Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., isn’t one of them.  Should she run, she would get solid support from moderate and conservatives in the House but would not be a favorite of the RINO caucus.  She is by far the most conservative woman in the House and is respected if not liked by both parties.  Since Republicans took the House back from the Democrats, she has a very respectable 92% and her lifetime rating is 96%.  She is endorsed by the American Conservative Union.

By the way, you can forget everything you have read in the liberal press about the massive support Paul Ryan has.  He won’t run.  Besides supporting open borders, he would be expected to try to pass Obama’s terrible TPP bill, and he has been endorsed by Luis Gutierrez, which is the kiss of death for any Republican.  Daniel Webster has support among some conservatives and Steve Scalise is a non-starter because of his closeness to John Boehner.

Make no mistake about it, the selection of Blackburn would not be a public opinion ploy to show Republicans are not anti-woman.  She is smart, articulate and will stick to her guns right to the end.  She shares the mindset of conservative voters and would be an excellent selling point for the GOP in the 2016 House races.  In other words, she would be Obama’s worst nightmare.  The Democrats worst nightmare even.

Up until now, the Democrats have gotten off fairly easily, not being forced to make many tough votes that could hurt them with the voters in 2016.  Her ability to articulate the conservative view would solve the messaging problem Republicans have had for years.

Will she run?  She is considering a run, but time will tell.  I can only tell you that although I find a couple of candidates acceptable, I heartily endorse Rep. Marsha Blackburn for Speaker of the House and I think you should too.


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