Obama Gets Major Endorsement for Obamatrade, Ben Carson


Ben Carson and the wing of the establishment republicans,   Sen.Marco Rubio, former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida,  Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and Chris Christie of New Jersey, are all supporting the Obamatrade bill.  The bill is being criticized by conservatives, liberals and unions alike.  The bill contains 30 chapters now, one more than when Wikileaks released the contents earlier this year.  The bill allows our trading partners to bring their own workers into the United States and takes away our right to set immigration policies.  It also allows the US and our corporations to be sued by companies from our trading partners, decided in an International court and not in ours.


This adds fuel to the fire for those who do not believe Carson to be a true conservative.  Looking at his campaign staff, can be a bit confusing for Carson’s supporters as well as his detractors.  His communications director, Doug Watts is a long time democratic donor and his business manager/top adviser, Armstrong Williams, is calling on Chicago to hire Louis Farrakhan to help police the city.

When you ad these things to past statements Carson has made concerning confiscation of guns in the cities and amnesty for illegal aliens, it raises questions on how he would govern.  Would he govern from the right as he has said over the past 6 months or from the left, where he was for the rest of his life?  Backing this TPP trade agreement does not give me a good feeling.

Carson’s spokesman, the long time democratic donor, Doug Watts says that the trade deal would level the playing field among our partners.  What he didn’t say is that it levels the playing field by destroying US sovereignty within our borders and will allow our markets to be flooded with products made by workers making as little as a buck and a half a day, a decided disadvantage to US workers and businesses.

This sends up red flags to me and it should to you also.  If you want to see real conservatism in the White House, you can’t go with a moderate or liberal republican.

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