The real ‘Obama Legacy’ a more divided America: Rasmussen

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Barack Obama’s real “legacy” may be a more divided America.

When Barack Obama leaves office on Friday, his “legacy” may be a more divided America than when he became president in 2009, according to a new Rasmussen survey of likely voters.

Rasmussen Reports revealed Wednesday that a telephone and online survey found that 50 percent of likely voters think the nation is more divided, while only 22 percent think the country is less divided. Twenty-five percent say the division has remained about the same.

Obama rode into office on a theme of “hope and change.” Now, it appears, voters are hoping things change with him out of the White House.

This new comes as a growing number of Democrat congressmen and women are promising not to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday, taking the “sore loser” image to a new low. Reuters is reporting that Washington, D.C. is “bracing for days of protest.”

Maybe these people missed something. The election is over, and the president they thought was so sharp is leaving the Democratic Party in shambles.

Rasmussen laid things out bluntly: “When Obama took office in January 2009, he had a Democratic-controlled Senate and House of Representatives to work with. There were 28 Democratic governors, and Democrats controlled 27 state legislatures. Now both chambers of Congress are in Republican control, and Democrats occupy only 16 governorships and control just 13 state legislatures, the latter an historic low.”

That is not much for Democrats to cheer about, and it just might mean that their party, not the GOP, is truly out of touch with America.

As if to underscore that analysis, Rasmussen noted that, “Still, 65% of Democrats think the Obama presidency has helped the Democratic Party, a view shared by just 22% of Republicans and 43% of unaffiliated voters.”

Some people might interpret that to suggest Democrats are not merely in denial, they are delusional.

On Friday, when Trump takes the oath of office, whether he was anyone’s first, second or last choice, there may be a rather large boom. That will be the sound of a bubble bursting for the House members who sit out the inauguration, and the people to whom they are pandering the impression that being a crybaby is proper behavior.


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