Rasmussen: Majority says politicians ‘intent on dividing us’

Sixty-on percent of likely voters think “most politicians these days are more interested in campaigning on what divides us rather than on what brings us together,” according to a new Rasmussen survey released Friday.

Adam Schiff #FullofSchiff
Impeachment hearings chaired by Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) have only helped to polarize the country, say some observers.

And why shouldn’t they? Following two weeks of impeachment hearings in front of a divided House committee, and a parade of Democrat presidential candidates pushing extreme gun control measures, worrisome tax proposals and immigration policies almost designed to create conflict, the country appears evenly divided on most major issues.

Except this one.

A sound majority of citizens likely to cast ballots in 2020 are wary of politicians, but maybe not as much as they were during last year’s mid-term election campaign. Then, Rasmussen recalled, 78 percent of the respondents believed politicians wanted the electorate divided and only 11 percent thought the pols wanted to bring Americans together.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

This time around, 21 percent say most politicians are more interested in “bringing us together.”

Bloomberg News is reporting that with House Democrats having completed their public hearings on the Ukraine problem, they still must decide whether to hold more hearings. The establishment media seems divided about how the hearings went. CNN and MSNBC commentators all seem to think President Donald Trump is in big trouble while commentators over at Fox have argued that the hearings produced nothing that rises to an impeachable offense.

Democrats have been talking about impeachment since Trump won the election in 2016 and certainly after he was inaugurated the following Jan. 20.

According to Bloomberg, “Democrats head into a recess week trying to figure out if they can meet their tentative target of holding any impeachment vote before the end of the year.”

Many believe the Democrats want to draw this process out heading into 2020 in hopes that whomever gets the party nomination to run against Trump will be helped. Others think Democrats want to wrap this up sooner because the tide is shifting on the subject of impeachment as Fox News is reporting that independent voters are getting sour on the subject. The report said 50 percent of independents surveyed in a recent MPR/PBS poll conducted Nov. 11-15 do not support impeachment or removing the president from office. Forty-two percent support impeachment, and that is down from previous polling.

One thing that has emerged this week is the allegation that the president’s personal lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani created problems by allegedly trying to pressure Ukraine officials to announce they were investigating former Vice President Joe Biden.

None of this is bringing Americans together, and the division is becoming more pronounced between liberals and conservatives, with not much room remaining for any moderates.


Rasmussen: Voters see ‘bigger threat’ from Trump opponents


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