Rasmussen: Majority agree with Kavanaugh that ‘process a disgrace’

Following his emotional appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee to angrily deny allegations of sexual misconduct more than three decades ago, Judge Brett Kavanaugh might take heart in the knowledge that a majority of likely voters agree with his assertion that the confirmation process “has become a national disgrace,” according to a new Rasmussen survey.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s blistering criticism of his confirmation process has garnered strong support from likely voters. (C-SPAN)

Rasmussen Reports said Wednesday that 56 percent of likely voters concur with Kavanaugh’s analysis of the political wringer he and his family have been put through. An impressive 77 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of independents agree with Kavanaugh, the survey revealed.

What’s more, 40 percent of Democrats agree as well, while 43 percent disagree. Seventeen percent remain undecided, suggesting that many Democrats also have doubts about the process.

This revealing poll results come after Kavanaugh protesters clashed with his supporters at the University of Texas, according to a Fox News report.

Many believe Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have been pulling out all the stops in an effort to stall Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. While the spotlight has been on such issues as abortion rights, lurking in the shadows is an even greater fear for Capitol Hill anti-gunners, and that is a Justice Kavanaugh who has already indicated in a dissent on a case dealing with a ban on so-called “assault weapons” in the District of Columbia that he is a matter-of-fact adherent to Second Amendment protections.

Some in the gun prohibition camp are terrified that Kavanaugh’s ascension to the high court will bring another Second Amendment case up for review, perhaps a right-to-carry case, or one affirming that semiautomatic rifles are protected, and that ownership cannot be restricted by age.

Such a case could put the brakes on efforts like the one now in progress in Washington State to raise the minimum age for owning a semi-auto rifle to 21, and defining virtually every semi-auto as a “semiautomatic assault rifle.”

Initiative 1639 contains so many provisions that are offensive to firearms owners that even three major Evergreen State law enforcement organizations have announced their opposition. The Washington State Sheriff’s Association (WSSA), Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs (WACOPS) and the Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association (WSLEFIA) this week all announced their positions.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there has been little publicity about this from establishment media. Perhaps a newly-released analysis of the measure by the Washington Policy Center will get more attention.

An editorial supporting the initiative in the Seattle Times has drawn sharp criticism from pro-rights activists.

Kavanaugh has had to defend himself from a string of increasingly bizarre allegations, all seemingly aimed at not simply preventing his confirmation, but destroying his reputation, and professional and personal life.

It’s a dilemma not unlike that faced by law-abiding gun owners who are under constant attack by well-funded lobbying groups determined to erode the Second Amendment until gun ownership becomes a heavily-restricted government privilege.

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