Radical leftists in California steal, burn flag: ‘F**k everything flag stands for’ — video

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burn flagThis video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that leftists truly hate America. In fact, everything you really need to know about the American left can be summed up in this one short YouTube video.

While participating in an anti-Trump protest/riot, a gaggle of leftists carrying all the usual signs attacked a man carrying two U.S. flags.  They proceeded to tear, rip and burn both flags while shouting obscenities indicating both their ignorance and their hatred of the United States.

“F**k genocide,” they scream, as though the United States is actually engaging in genocide.  “F**k slavery,” they added, forgetting that the United States did away with slavery in the 1860s after fighting a bloody civil war.

“F**k everything the flag stands for,” one woman wearing what appears to be a red hijab screamed into a megaphone.

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Without further ado, here’s the video, and be warned, there’s a lot of foul language, primarily because these low-information America-haters apparently think that saying the f-bomb somehow reinforces their alleged “argument.”

Keep in mind they don’t hate America enough to leave it for Cuba or Communist China — they want to destroy America and turn it into a socialist hell-hole.

It’s enough to make one think they really do want a second, bloody civil war in America.

This is why every single leftist in the country — regardless of party affiliation — needs to be soundly defeated at the polls in November.

And make no mistake, folks — we’re going to see a whole lot more of this before the November election, regardless of who becomes the GOP nominee.


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