Proof: Homeless Texas Man Interviewed by Cop Was Paid $900-$1200 a Week, By DEMOCRATS, For 6 Months, To FORGE BALLOTS (Video)

If you don’t read a single word in this article today, you must watch this video. This is how Democrats are stealing our country.

This is the biggest bombshell video I have seen in years. We all know it’s going on but the media ignores it. The Gateway Pundit strikes again! Now that you’ve seen the video, here is the text from Brian Lupo’s report:

Newly discovered police body cam footage in Forth Worth, TX obtained by The Gateway Pundit shows that the claims made in True the Vote and Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules were not exclusive to the “swing states”.  Or the 2020 election.  This footage implicates two top Democrat leaders in the county’s party:  former Tarrant Co. Democratic Party (TCDP) chairwoman and now candidate for Tarrant Co Judge Deborah Peoples and the director at The Peoples Group, Stuart Clegg.  Clegg was also the executive director for the TCDP and Peoples was a member of the Tarrant County election board and commission responsible for overseeing the integrity of county elections.

You may remember Tarrant County from the 2020 election:  it was a red county for 56 years until the COVID lockdowns and a massive push for the fraud-ridden universal mail-in ballot system.  The Gateway Pundit reported on this back in November 2020.  Tarrant County hired Heider Garcia, who obtained his engineering degree in Venezuela and worked for Smartmatic for 12 years, where he was an executive level employee.  In 2010, Garcia was called “a son of a bitch” by Philippine Congressman Teodoro Locsin after “unforeseen” circumstances led to huge election discrepancies in the country.

But this story isn’t about him, however, it is about an accusation of a long time fraud perpetrated on the people in the jurisdiction he supervises.  In October 2018, four women were arrested in a voter fraud ring in Fort Worth.  According to the Star-Telegram:

“Members of an organized voter fraud ring have been arrested and indicted on charges they targeted and, in one case stole, the votes of elderly voters on Fort Worth’s north side…

These people allegedly were paid to target older voters on the north side ‘in a scheme to generate a large number of mail ballots and then harvest those ballots for specific candidates in 2016,’ the statement read.”

The Star-Telegram published a story about the man, Charles Jackson, in our footage back in 2018.  He was arrested and indicted for “providing false information on a voting application.”  As it turns out, he did a lot more than that, and according to his own admissions, it was at the behest of Stuart Clegg and Deborah Peoples.

The following footage was obtained through open records request in Fort Worth.  It shows a conversation between Jackson and the officer that he had a conversation with previously in 2016.  This engagement on January 3, 2020 was not an interrogation and Jackson was not being accused of a crime or detained for a crime.  In fact, Jackson himself brings up their previous interaction and begins to tell him about the ballot harvesting.  This is about as casual a conversation one could have with a police officer, so there is no concern that he was potentially trying to avoid any possible negative actions taken against him.

Two years prior to the above engagement, Jackson was originally arrested for one count of “providing false information on a voting application” in Tarrant County.  He was brought to an “investigation room” with “so many people in there.”  He said he was “scared as hell”.  Apparently, Clegg was also there and when he saw the Star-Telegram showed up, Clegg bonded Jackson out “real quick”.

Why is a campaign manager for the former county democratic party chair and candidate for Tarrant Co Judge bailing out a homeless man that was indicted on “a single charge of providing false information on a voting application”?

Read the rest at Gateway Pundit…


Folks this happened in Fort Worth Texas. You wouldn’t think Democrats would even bother with Texas since it is extremely red. This stuff is happening everywhere and now we have seen more proof on film.

I’m sure Democrats would paint this homeless man as a liar, but I’d trust his word over almost any Democrat or Republican in Congress.

Wouldn’t you?

I get sick of “conservative news” these days. The only story that really matters is what happened to Trump in 2020. Even if we see a red wave in 2022, what is stopping Democrats from stealing The White House again in 2024? No other story matters as much to Americans as the fact that we are being led by an illegitimate President.


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