President of the Black Chamber of Commerce Harry Alford: Obama is Hopeless

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Harry-C-Alford_t580I must admit to a certain fondness for Harry Alford, the president of the Black Chamber of Commerce.  Ever since he accused Babs Boxer of being a racist for demanding that he agree with her because the NAACP did.

He has also described Obama as hopeless.  I happen to agree with that assessment.  The following, I wrote in 2013:

Harry Alford, the president of the Black Chamber of Commerce, says that he failed to properly vet Obama before he voted for him in 2008. Alford says that his growing disappointment and growing suspicion of President Obama is based on his secretiveness and placing politics over policy.

“I didn’t analyze him. I read his book and he’s talking about using cocaine and all the drugs he could find and I kind of brushed through that. That should have caught my eye.”

Alford also alluded to the fact that the IRS has gone after conservative groups while giving the president’s half brother exempt status for a very dubious charity, he started.

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