Poll: Less than half of Democrats know Earth orbits the sun

DunceLiberal Democrats love to say Republicans and Tea Party conservatives are stupid, but it turns out that less than half of Democrats know the Earth orbits the sun.  Seriously.

According to a 2012 study done by Northwestern University, only 48% of Democrats know the Earth orbits the sun and understand that it takes a year for it to do so.

studyNotice what group comes in at the top — Conservative Republicans.  It is sad, however, to see that only 67.3 percent of that group understands a basic scientific concept, but it’s also important to note that only 46.4 percent of liberal Republicans know this basic fact.

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Conservative Democrats, as you can see, come in dead last.  Perhaps that’s because there are so few of them left these days…

Still, this blows the lid off the old liberal talking points that conservative Tea Party types are knuckledragging idiots who don’t don’t believe in science.

Earlier Thursday, Rush Limbaugh said this shows some people can be enticed into believing anything — like man-made global warming.




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