Poll: 44 percent of Dems would take refugees from fake ‘Aladdin’ country

aladdin-1On Thursday, The Hill reported that 44 percent of Democrats would support taking refugees from Agrabah, the fictional country in Disney’s “Aladdin,” according to a new poll.

According to The Hill, the survey found that 27 percent of Democrats would oppose allowing refugees from the fake country into the U.S., while 28 percent remain “indifferent.”

That’s not all:

The survey by WPA Research comes in response to a survey last week from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling that found 30 percent of Republican primary voters — including 45 percent of Donald Trump supporters — want to bomb Agrabah.

Moreover, two-thirds of young Democrats — those between 18 and 34 — would be open to accepting refugees from the made-up cartoon country.

The Hill said that 384 Democratic voters were polled via Interactive Voice Response. The margin of error was 5 percentage points.

“Pretty funny,” said a post at The Right Scoop. “Toss this poll at the next liberal who mocks how dumb conservatives supposedly are…”


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