Video: Alec Baldwin says global warming skeptics mentally ill

baldwinOn Friday, Newsbusters’ Kristine Marsh reported that renowned climate expert moonbat actor Alec Baldwin declared that people who don’t subscribe to liberal dogma on global warming are mentally ill.

“There can be no successful climate agreement and no future for our planet without greater protection of the world’s forests,everyone in the room understands this,” he told an AFP reporter at a UN climate change conference.

He then provided his “expert” medical opinion on those who disagree.

And so much of what’s coming on now is something that we have to treat as if it’s a mental illness. I believe that climate change denial is a form of mental illness,” he added. (Emphasis added)

Here’s video of his statement:

Marsh added: “The actor, prone to public fits of anger, has gone off on conservatives before and even made anti-gay slurs, yet the media still welcomed him back with open arms because of his radically liberal views.”

Scratch a liberal, find an unhinged fascist.

Like Leonardo diCaprio, Baldwin should stick to what he does best — pretending to be something he’s not.


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