Caller to Mark Levin: Deceased father on terrorist watch list — Audio

Mark LevinOn Thursday, an individual identified as George, a trucker from Missouri, called in to Mark Levin’s radio program and told “the Great One” that his father, a deceased decorated Vietnam War veteran, is still on the terrorist watch list.

According to George, his father was considered a “right-wing extremist” because he responded to attacks against his mother by radical leftists.

George told Levin that his father proceeded to “put two of those guys in the hospital.”

Worse yet, his father didn’t even know he was on the watch list until 2011 when he prepared to travel to Luxembourg to visit the gravesite of General George S. Patton, a year before he passed away.

He put all of his money into the trip, George said, but he received a call three days before he was scheduled to go informing him that was on a no-fly list.

“Where’s the justice in that, Mr. Levin,” George asked.

George told Levin he should probably check to see if he is on the list since he had been thrown off Twitter for a post saying that Israel should be given everything it needs to fight terrorism.

Liberals are now trying to push measures to keep people like George’s father from owning guns, using terrorist watch lists as an excuse.

George’s comments can be heard in the audio below, starting at about the 1:28:30 mark:

If liberals get their way, stories like George’s will become the norm rather than the exception.

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