Politically correct micro-aggression choice of words lead to on-air murders

largePolitical correctness comes home to roost. How the legitimization of “micro-aggression” lead to murder…

The question starting to be asked is if something popularly known as micro-aggression is now legitimizing thin-skinned and perpetually offended individuals to cry foul at every imagined slight.

In a nutshell, proponent of the micro-aggression theory believe that without even realizing it, certain thoughts, words, and deeds are evidence of someone’s inner bigot. However, critics of such claim that any given individual or group with a grievance can find an insult in even the most innocuous statement said to them or even in their mere presence.

Sadly, the recent on-air murder of reporter Allison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward could be a prime case in point. As reported by KCRA television (NBC affiliate in Sacramento, Calif.) and the New York Post, both on Aug. 28, 2015, the catalyst for ex-fellow employee Vester Lee Flanagan’s grisly shooting spree on live television was Parker’s seemingly unrelated choice of words on two different occasions.

As reported, when Parker first came on-board at the Roanoke TV station as an intern, she once made mention in the presence of Flanagan of “swinging” by a certain address. On another occasion, she stated in the parlance of on-scene reporters, they were in the “field” doing a live report.

As innocent and as unrelated Parker’s choice of words were, Flanagan considered them as somehow as connected, racist in spirit, and meant to subtly remind him of slavery. The offended Flanagan promptly filed an internal complaint against Parker. Station management investigated and dismissed the allegations…



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