Pew Research identifies ‘Top 20’ metro areas for illegal immigrants

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's city is 16th on a list of 20 metro areas that have high concentrations of illegal aliens, according to a new Pew report. (YouTube/Channel 90seconds)
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s city is 16th on a list of 20 metro areas that have high concentrations of illegal immigrants, according to a new Pew report. (YouTube/Channel 90seconds)

A new report from the Pew Research Center reveals the top 20 metropolitan areas where illegal immigrants have gathered, and one online report says that 17 of those places supported Hillary Rodham Clinton over Donald Trump in the November election.

“Overall, Clinton won 17 of the top 20 metro areas for undocumented immigrants, by an average of more than 20 percentage points,” the website reported.

One in five of those illegal aliens live in New York and Los Angeles, according to KCBS and the Associated Press. The rest are spread around the country, with the highest populations being in cities that include Chicago, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, Seattle and San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego and San Jose among others. The report may be read here.

According to the Seattle Times, this is the first time that Pew has estimated the size of the illegal population by metropolitan area. Pew estimates that 11.1 million people are living in this country illegally.

One big question that has been dogging this controversy is whether illegal aliens participate in U.S. elections. According to William Campenni, writing in the American Thinker, they evidently do. He relates his personal experience with a voter registration effort that was willing to sign him up without any proof of his citizenship.

The Seattle Times said that an estimated 61 percent of these “unauthorized immigrants” live in the 20 cities listed by Pew. “By contrast,” the Times reported, “just 36 percent of the total U.S. population lives in those metros.”

The Trump administration is presently locked in a heated battle with Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson over an executive order regarding travel to this country from several nations. Trump has repeatedly said he will build a wall along the southern border to greatly reduce illegal immigration.

In Seattle, where liberal Democrat Mayor Ed Murray declared last month the city would fight Trump on the subject of “sanctuary cities,” the Pew report estimated that about 150,000 illegals in the metropolitan area. Seattle ranks 16th on the list of 20 cities with the most undocumented residents, according to Pew.

This report comes as CNN is reporting that during January, southern border apprehensions of illegal immigrants were “down sharply.” CNN quoted preliminary data from Customs and Border Protection that show “family unit” apprehensions were down 42 percent while apprehensions of “unaccompanied minors” were down 39 percent. Overall, apprehensions declined 27 percent for the month.


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