Ocasio-Cortez thinks VA isn’t broken, gives vets top-notch care — Seriously?

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., claimed during a recent town hall event that the Department of Veterans Affairs “isn’t broken” and is actually providing “some of the highest quality” care to veterans, Fox News reported.

Ocasio-Cortez’s idiotic comments are part of an increasing ideological shift among Democrats, especially the young Democratic millennials, in pushing single-payer forms of government-run health care for the population at large.

As Adam Shaw of Fox News stated, “Ocasio-Cortez comments are likely to raise the ire of proponents advocating VA reform. The department was plagued by scandal during the Obama administration — including secret wait lists, systemic neglect and veterans dying while waiting to see a doctor.”

Did Ocasio-Cortez even read about the VA scandal in 2014, when the VA admitted — again, after a cover-up — that some 1,700 veterans were waiting an average of 115 days for a doctor’s appointment at the Phoenix VA hospital, and 40 veterans died while doing so?

Or the gross mismanagement of a gastroenterology program in South Carolina, and a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Pittsburgh that killed six vets?

Obviously not.

In 2015, Fox News reported that more than 300,000 veterans died waiting for health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, a report from the VA’s inspector general revealed.

As of September 2014, more than 307,000 pending enrollment system records were for people who had died, the report found. That’s about 35 percent of all pending records, the inspector general said. The report also found that VA staffers may have deleted more than 10,000 records over the last five years.

Is that what you Socialist Democrats want? The veterans in our nation have been waiting far too long for better access to health care.

So, Ocasio-Cortez, is that what you want for everyone? You are obviously too ignorant to know the facts before you speak.

Veterans Affairs is number one in complaints in 2016. That year, Veterans Affairs employees filed 1,887 complaints with the Office of Special Counsel, the federal agency that investigates employee concerns. Imagine that!

A veteran posted a few weeks ago concerning Atlanta VA Healthcare and said, “The Atlanta VA Medical facility is the worse in the country and President Trump should fire the Top Management!! You can’t even make a phone call to them without wasting a half hour or more being transferred from one automated message to another. In my seven years in trusting the VA doctors, I have had six doctors because they can’t keep them because of the management BS and their over worked schedules. They treat us like cattle and as a Viet Nam veteran… I am ashamed that American vets have to depend on this group of federal employees for our health care. President Trump, “PLEASE do something…. Vets deserve better!!”

As an Air Force veteran myself, I have had my share of sub-standard health-care. I got into the VA Health-care system back in 2014. At first, I was excited but that slowly went away as the very first doctor I had was great, but, the second primary physician was awful. All she cared about was a paycheck and did nothing for me. Some of my conditions got worse because of her and after a year and a half, I finally got a new VA doctor.

This new VA doctor was great and got me into the direction I needed to go for 2 of my medical issues. Sadly, they left the VA because…obviously, the VA is the reason.

In 2018, a broken refrigerator was found in the blood bank, dirty syringe bottles, critical staff and supply shortages that led to canceled procedures and unsanitary equipment and rooms in disarray were found at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Washington, DC, the Stars and Stripes reported.

All were found in the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Washington nearly one year after VA leaders at all levels were warned of safety risks that required immediate action. According to multiple inspection reports obtained by Stars and Stripes, many of the problems that existed in April 2017 remain unresolved, despite public reassurance that real progress had been made.

Still want VA like healthcare run by the government? Ocasio-Cortez’s comments are and will always be absurd to say the least. She and those like her have no idea of how bad it can be in the VA healthcare system.

Those who support Ocasio-Cortez’s idea of government-run healthcare will wish you didn’t as government is not fit to run any business, especially healthcare.

As Kacie Burnett stated, “Democrats have been saying people will die if the government doesn’t run healthcare. They kick and scream at the premise of privatizing hospitals. Yet Uncle Sam can’t maintain the medical systems already in place. Many Veterans Affairs hospitals are far from maintaining basic health standards. So pardon us if we’re not running to the VA to get our gonads checked and breasts squeezed. “Please cough” is instead “Sorry for that perpetual cough you’ll contract now you’ve sat on recycled ‘protective’ paper. Anal bumps are normal.”

As the ole saying goes, “Be careful for what you wish for.”

Bronx native Republican Ruth Papazian has announced that she is preparing a run in 2020 against ‘Bolshevik’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Papazian stated, “It has been galling listening to Ocasio-Cortez push really hackneyed big government ideas that have failed around the world. These include her Green New Deal and Medicare for all. This district is home to first and second-generation immigrants. It is a middle-class district, because our families came here, worked hard, bought houses, and flourished. Many of us come from families that escaped socialism. No one wants it here.”

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