Obama assumes role of the Almighty to ‘bend the arc of the moral universe’

obama88It seems Barack Obama thinks he is no mere mortal.  Either that, or he took that November 2010 Newsweek magazine cover just a little too seriously. (More on that in a minute.)

On Monday, Obama declared on Twitter that he was set to “bend the arc of the moral universe.”  How?  Apparently by signing executive orders on gay rights…

Twitchy noted:

Feeling rested and refreshed after yesterday’s golf outing, President Obama is back at the White House to sign an executive order prohibiting discrimination of LGBT employees.

So what, exactly does this mean?  Inquiring minds on Twitter also wanted to know:

Good question.

Another good question.

Why not?


This is a good time to mention that Newsweek cover — the one declaring Obama “god of all things.”  Yes, they actually went there:

newsweek-cover-obama-god-of-all-things-shiva-sad-hill-newsAnd let’s not forget the Florida professor who called Obama an “apostle” sent to create “heaven on earth.”

So it’s quite possible Obama really thinks he’s something not quite human…

As it turns out, the original quote actually came from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:  “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Naturally, Obama didn’t credit MLK with the quote, and twisted it to change its meaning…