NYPD Robocops: Three Big Brother Robots to be Unleashed on New Yorkers

Three NYPD Robocops are planned to be released on New Yorkers likely beginning in June or July. K5 is a cone-shaped robot that is being used elsewhere in the country sort of as a roaming officer that can tell police when something happens.  StarChase is a robotic attachment that police can use to locate a vehicle that is running from police. Then there’s everyone’s favorite- DigiDog. DigiDog is the least popular one of the three, as the previous administration ditched it because activists called it “racist.” Mayor Eric Adams could care less about what activists say – his city is experiencing a huge spike in crime and he thinks the robots will help.

Considering it’s the policies of “progressives” that let criminals back out on the streets just after arrest, we can’t figure out why he thinks a robot will stem the crime. Undaunted, Mayor Adams says they shouldn’t “be afraid of technology.” Maybe they’ve just watched too many movies. Then again, we remember that absolute power corrupts…even a machine.

Others who listened to the spiel aren’t so sure they’re fans of the idea. Many believe the robocops will be used as surveillance tools or worse and may in fact endanger citizens.

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The robot dog was tested by the NYPD in 2021. It appeared at crime scenes in February (pictured) when two men were being held hostage in an apartment in the Bronx. However, its use was quickly blasted by everyone from local politicians to late-night TV hosts.

‘Mayor Adams continues to pour money into the NYPD’s bloated budget, enabling police to impose new, dystopian surveillance technologies throughout the city without meaningfully engaging New Yorkers in a conversation about whether this is how we want to live,’ said Legal Aid Society, a non-profit based in New York City.

New Yorkers are not just angry about the potential for spying – they’re also in an uproar about the cost of the robots.

‘Eric Adams just spent $750K on 2 new NYPD robot dogs – while forcing other agencies to cut 4% from budgets (on top of 3% a few months ago), adding to food insecurity, eviction crises etc,’ one Twitter user shared. GlobeToday

The fact of the matter is that the NYPD’s budget is a mere shadow from previous years. Droves of officers left the city, and crime has gone through the roof. They aren’t allowed to do what they used to do because of political concerns that have nothing to do with helping crime victims. For the residents of New York, this translates to criminals being the preferred class. Robots can scare the populace into compliance, but actually stopping crime is not likely. But have fun, New York.



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Faye Higbee

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