New Chain of Custody Information Means Indictments Could Flow Like Wine

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Chain_of_CustodyNew information has put into motion the possibility for not only Hillary to face criminal charges but her lawyer, David Kendall and others also.  Last year, congressional committees told the State Department to give them a list of the Chain of Custody for Hillary’s emails.

They have refused.  The Chain of Custody is vitally important because it seems that an awfully large number of people without any security security clearance whatsoever were allowed to handle what has turned out to be a very large amount of classified information.  Three hundred and five emails and counting.

Although I expect the State Department could stall Congress for a while longer, they may soon be ordered to turn over not only the Chain of Custody to Judicial Watch but practically anything else they request.  Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan has ordered an expedited hearing on allowing Judicial Watch discovery on every aspect of the Clinton emails, servers as well as dates and times along with the names of everyone who reviewed the classified emails.

He has given them only until Thursday to explain why the information should not be turned over.  Judge Sullivan has already proven he is willing to act.

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