Illegal Aliens Demand Bill of Rights From US

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Illegal aliens are wishing for a list of 10 Bill of Rights.  They should wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one gets full the quickest.  Let me point out that they have no right coming to this country illegally.  And in demanding a Bill of Rights, they are like bank robbers who demand a ride to and from the bank with safe passage guaranteed.

Here are their demands:

  1.  The phrase illegal alien must be removed from the English language.  In the future please refrain from using this term.  In the future use unlawful scum or criminal invaders. [Ed. note: This is not a new demand, as leftists have called the term “hate speech.”]
  2. They demand to be treated with dignity and respect.  Those are items you earn and they don’t.
  3. “Recognition of our right to be presented with a path to citizenship/residency as the first priority of future immigration policy combined with interim deferment of all law-abiding Undocumented Americans against detention and deportation.”  What makes these clowns think they deserve this?  Oh, that’s right.  Obama.  I say give them a pathway… the Rio Grande River.
  4. Birth Certificates for illegal aliens born in the US.  Sure.  Would they prefer Mexican or Brazilian birth certificates?
  5. “Protection against cruel and unusual punishment, including the separation of our immediate families and incarceration without charges, hearings, or representation.”  These illegal aliens want the US to end all deportations as cruel and unusual punishments.  The criminals are getting cheeky.
  6. The right to a free K-12th grade education and in-state tuition to all colleges and universities.  My counter offer is rent-free prisons at hard labor.
  7. They demand wage equality whether they deserve it or not.  How about this?  We make their pay equivalent to what the job pays in their home countries.  Let them earn third world pay and modern world prices.  Many of these interlopers would leave the country on their own accord.
  8. Humanitarian medical care.  Rub some dirt on it.
  9. Illegal aliens should not be deported for reporting crimes.  Their own or someone else’s?  No, we shouldn’t deport them for reporting a crime.  They should be deported for being illegal aliens.  Satisfied?
  10. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.  Sure, as long as they don’t mind getting those things back in the country they came from and not here.

Liberals say that it is impossible to deport 12 million illegal aliens.  Why is that?  It’s been done before.  

I do have an idea to make it quicker.

  1. Remove illegal aliens from all federal handouts immediately.
  2. Quit fining landlords and employers who do business with illegal aliens.
  3. Impose mandatory prison sentences on all landlords and employers operating with illegals.  One year per employee or tenant.

Without these, they would be forced to return home.  To facilitate this, I would be for C-5 Galaxy transport flights 24 hours a day to take illegal aliens and their belongings back to their country of origin, no charge.


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