National Call to ACTION: The Committee to Support and Defend Needs Your Help!

I cannot stress how important these initiatives are to the future of our nation.

Please join our National Call to ACTION: The Committee to Support and Defend Needs Your Help! I cannot stress how important these initiatives are to the future of our nation.

I’m asking everybody who agrees with this letter to act on it, as well as copy and paste the information in its’ entirety and email it to every freedom-loving American you know. We simply MUST rally and UNITE to save America!

Urgent Message from Colonel Frank Bragg, U.S. Army (Retired)

“I’m reaching out to you today to introduce myself.”

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

“I am the new Chairman of the Committee to Support and Defend. We work hand in hand with the retired Flag Officers to Support and Defend the U.S. Constitution. When you visit our website at https://committeetosupportanddefend.org/ you will see that our two groups are closely linked.”

“The most important thing to know is that, like you, I committed myself to serving this great nation. While I no longer serve in the military, I do still feel called to protect and defend our country. I can tell that you feel the same.”

To make it a little easier to navigate the site, the links below redirect to either veterans or civilians who support our initiative. Please click whichever is appropriate for you:



“I ask you to go to the site right now and read the letter – and then please join us and sign it. The Committee to Support and Defend is working to hold these two powerful, high ranking officers accountable – something that their military training, education, experience, leadership development, and character should have inspired them to do themselves. I’m hoping that you will stand along side me as we fight to preserve the integrity that our military is known for. The ideal and the idea of TRUST is vitally important to us; restoring TRUST is essential. Let each of us be a voice to this end.”

“We will be issuing a press release shortly – I’ll send you a copy before it goes out.”

“Thank you for your continued willingness to stand up for something larger than yourself. I’m proud to serve along side you.”

Very Respectfully,
Colonel Frank Bragg, U. S. Army (Retired)

P.S. If you agree with the context of the letter, please pass it along to other like-minded individuals. Simply copy & paste this message in its entirety and email it to every freedom-loving American you know!


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Jerry Emery

Gerald is a 66 year-old grandfather of 4, firmly committed to restoration of the American Republic through education of the ignorant. 30 years of revisionist historians have dumbed-down the millennial generation. History or the lack of it, will be the downfall of the millennial generation unless our generation steps up and re-educates the illiterate, ignorant public. This revisionist history is intentional, part of the Marxist model. Over half of the Democrats in our nation's Congress are in reality registered Communists. This shall not prevail as long as I can do something about it.

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