My Analysis of the Democratic Debate…Clinton, O’Malley, Sanders

Shut-up-JoeBecause of the constraint of time and, quite frankly, my low tolerance of B.S. I will only be analyzing the three top candidates in attendance:  Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.  I will also be covering the live tweets from Vice president Joe Biden.  (Not really, but I will try to make it fun for you all.)  The Democrats will be fielding three very unique candidates for the nomination of their party.

Hillary Clinton:  If she wins in 2016, she will be the first female president of the United States.  Her candidacy is already historic.  She is the first front runner from either party to run while under investigation by the FBI and Congress.  She is loved by many including her many campaign staffers.  She loves them also and has promised to throw them a large party if she wins and if she loses, she will throw them a large picnic…..at Ft. Marcy Park.

Bernie Sanders:  Bernie is the only Democrat who is honest enough to openly admit he is a socialist.  He is not under investigation by anyone.  Unfortunately, his wife is.    It seems she defrauded the state of Vermont to get a loan for the university she was the president of.  It cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and now the university is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Martin O’Malley:  O’Malley is another historic figure.  In the history of the United States, he is the first governor to ever tax rain.  While governor of Maryland, he raised taxes 40 times which is not unusual except when he taxed rain.  That tax was assessed on property owners to pay for storm water management.

Joe Biden Live Tweet:  “I just want to say that it’s great to be watching the debate being held there in Boise, Idaho.  I would like to take a minute to tell you about the great idea I had today.  We were having a meeting, when the president said he wanted to tax our minds.  I jumped up said that was a fantastic idea and the best part is that only conservatives would have to pay the tax.  In fact, most liberals would receive large refunds.  Elect me and this is the kind of ideas you can expect from your leader.”  (Unfortunately, Biden fell asleep during the introductions and no other comments will be made)

I will skip the opening statements which are full of false promises, smothered in B.S.  Now on with the debate.

On gun control, Bernie Sanders who last week called for a ban on semi automatic weapons, said that a gun dealer or a gun manufacturer who sells guns legally should not be held responsible for crimes committed with those guns but those who sell guns illegally should.  Clinton and O’Malley disagreed and said gunds sold legally should still be the responsibility of gun sellers and manufacturers.

Clinton made the absurd claim that we lose 90 people to gun violence every day.  That would be 32,850 a year.  We don’t approach that even if you add our wars into that.  In 2014 there were 12,564 gun deaths.  That number includes 1,598 accidental shootings, 3213 officer related shootings, 1,584 self defense shootings.  It doesn’t include the number of suicides.

All candidates claim there was never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, despite the fact we found large quantities of WMDs.

When the candidates were asked what the greatest threat we face today, O’Malley said ISIL, Clinton said the dispersal of nuclear material (Even though she supports the Iran deal that allows Iran to develop nukes .  Iran is largest supporters of terrorism) and Bernie Sanders says it’s global warming.  All three say that climate change is a major concern and should receive billions of dollars and tough regulations.

The candidates were asked if black lives matter or all lives matter.  Clinton and O’Malley both waffled on the issue.  Bernie Sanders flatly said that black lives matter.

Clinton calls for a No Fly Zone.  O’Malley and Sanders both disagreed and both said it could lead to the escalation of conflicts  between the US and Russia.  Bernie Sanders said that the US should never under any circumstances go to war unless we built a large coalition first.  How many countries would join us in a war for a threat to the United States only?  Good luck with that.

When asked how they would differ from Obama, Clinton did the old two step and gave an answer which was a non answer.  Both O’Malley and Sanders said that reining in Wall Street is the big difference between themselves and Obama.  No one was prosecuted for crimes during the economic crash.  Companies were found guilty but no individual. Both candidates carefully pointed out Hillary’s strong ties with Wall St.

All three candidates offered various giveaways to illegals that the country needs to create for them including Obamacare and tuition help for college.  No one called them illegals or condemned their invasion of this country.  Both Clinton and Sanders said that the nearly 40% in income tax paid by the rich is not nearly enough.  Sanders went even farther and wants the rich to have to pay much higher Social Security taxes even though they get no benefit increase for those taxes.  He wants to use that money to increase benefits for everyone else.

Clinton suffered two batterings.  One on the email scandal she blamed on the Republicans even when Cooper pointed out the FBI is investigating her.

The second was on her war on Libya.  She made the false claim (again) that Libya was about to kill massive amounts of ordinary citizens.  First, let me say that it was the people that Clinton supported that was killing innocent civilians, not the Libyan government.  Secondly, she lied about the Libyans preparing a massive killing of civilians.  The Pentagon and Democratic Rep Dennis Kucinich didn’t trust her and they were talking to the Libyan government, something Clinton blocked others from doing.

So, what’s the bottom line?  Who was the big winner in this debate?  The Republicans.


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