Seattle Police gun seizures: Unintentional example of gun control failure?


Seattle Police evidence photo of stolen Para Ordnance .45-caliber pistol, one of several stolen guns recovered by the agency in recent weeks. (SPD photo)

Seattle Police may have just provided more evidence that gun control laws in Washington State simply aren’t working as promised by supporters because it’s clear from recent posts on the “Police Blotter” that criminals still get their hands on guns, which are often stolen.

So it was with a couple of incidents over the weekend in the Jet City. On the afternoon of July 19, officers arrested a man in relation to what was described as a “domestic violence incident” at an apartment near the city’s Denny Park.

“During the arrest,” the Blotter entry detailed, “officers recovered suspected methamphetamine, a scale, cash, pill cutters, and a stolen gun, believed to belong to the suspect.”

That’s kind of a misnomer, because since the gun was stolen, certainly didn’t belong to this guy. The Sig Sauer pistol in this case had a loaded double-stack magazine when it was photographed by police.

About nine hours later, Seattle police were called to a dispute between two guys along the city’s Rainier Avenue South. The suspect in this caper had threatened the other man and drove away in his car.

Lo-and-behold, when the cops pulled that guy over a few blocks away, they discovered he was a convicted felon who can’t legally possess firearms. But under the driver’s seat, they discovered a stolen Para Ordnance semi-auto .45-caliber pistol, also with a loaded magazine.

The 39-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery, harassment and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Earlier in the month, Seattle officers spotted a man in the downtown area they knew was wanted on outstanding felony warrants. The 29-year-old suspect tried to get away by pulling up a COVID mask, but the police were not so easily fooled.

When he tried to disappear into a store, cops followed and found him there with a loaded handgun which, according to the Blotter report, “was registered to another person.” He also had eight oxycodone pills in his pockets. This fellow is also a convicted felon, so having that gun was enough to put him behind bars, but the warrants sealed the deal.

Back on June 3, Seattle police served a warrant on a 49-year-old man allegedly suspected of drug dealing. When they searched his house and car, they came up with 74 grams of crack cocaine (some of which was hidden inside a prosthetic leg) and a Para Ordnance semi-auto pistol reported stolen way back in 2009. Along with that, police found $7,900 in cash and a bunch of gold jewelry.

It’s against the law to steal firearms, and it’s also illegal to possess stolen firearms, especially if you’re a convicted felon. Criminals know this, so it’s an occupational hazard to have a gun if you’ve got a criminal record.

What these stories demonstrate is that criminals don’t bother with such things as background checks or waiting periods. They ignore every gun control law on the books, a fact that lawmakers in Washington and every other state never seem to grasp, according to grassroots Second Amendment activists.

But that doesn’t stop them from trying to pass more restrictive laws.


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