MUST WATCH: Laura Logan Drops Media Censorship Truthbombs In Congressional Panel

"We live in the age of information warfare"


This is the kind of oversight we SHOULD have been having all along. A few fearless senators are willing to step up and see that it gets done.

As for any gutless follow-the-crowd elected officials?
You know that expression about ‘lead, follow or get out of the way’? We now live in a time where only two of those three are acceptable options.

But Senator Johnson put together a panel looking into the past malfeasance of groups who hold power or sway over the population during the pandemic. If we understand what went wrong there, we can hold some accountable, and we can minimize the harm if such situations would arise again.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Lara Logan was one of those witnesses and she put on an absolute clinic in her 12 minutes of testimony. For anyone doing a history of the COVID era from the dissenters’ point of view, this entire speech would make an excellent inclusion in such an account.

She doesn’t just say that we are IN an information war, she’s making a case that information is the entire battleground we are fighting on. If we don’t realize that, we’re losing.

She’s not saying this as some white-paper writer in a think-tank, she’s been a reporter for the most credible outlets of their day, and has paid one hell of a personal price for it in her body as she was assaulted by some 200 men while reporting on the Arab Spring in Egypt. And she STILL keeps going back to report on dangerous places.

Her speech holds all the right feet to the fire and calls us back to first principles we all once believed before concentrating great swaths of power into the hands of a relative few — all for the Greater Public Good™, of course.

Ms. Loomer captioned the tweet for the video above thusly:

Watch Lara Logan’s segment just this morning in Washington, D.C., at Senator Ron Johnson’s roundtable discussion ‘Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?

Another user captioned it this way:

That’s just the tip of the 12 minute acid bath of truth she brought us through. And she was just ONE of the guests at that roundtable discussion.

You can get the other details courtesy Epoch Times.

Do you agree that this should absolutely be required reading/watching for media literacy training for any GOP candidate or staffer? If you do, be sure and share the story with others… because you know the old guard media won’t touch this with a 10′ pole.

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