MSNBC’s Matthews, Corn go bananas, claim action against Syria a distraction from Russia

MSNBC Matthews Corn Trump SyriaWhile bloviating on the chemical attack in Syria and President Donald Trump’s possible action against the Middle-Eastern nation, MSNBC propagandists Chris Matthews and David Corn floated yet another conspiracy theory, suggesting that any action would simply be designed to distract from the Trump-Russia conspiracy.

According to Newsbusters:

The Sarin gas attack on Tuesday in Syria was one of the worst atrocities this generation has ever seen, but when it came to the U.S. fighting for those affected, all MSNBC’s maniacal hooligans Chris Matthews and David Corn could think of is how any military strikes would distract from the Russia investigations.

Speaking on Hardball to Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley (Ill.) and Corn (who’s D.C. bureau chief for the far-left rag Mother Jones), Matthews turned to Corn to hit him “with real cynicism” which was really conspiracy theories.

“Here’s a President who’s under incredible scrutiny for his relations, such as they were, with the Russians in all those months that the Russians were helping him get elected President. And here he is tonight apparently — we’re hearing lots of talks about it with guests we’ve had on — that there may be military action against Russia’s number one ally, which is Syria. Is this to cover his tracks? ” Matthews asked.

“Well, that would be the wag the dog scenario, right?” Corn responded.  “It would distract from the investigation and show I’m not in bed with the Russians. I can launch strikes that are inconvenient and maybe end up killing some Russians. Who knows what that goes from here,” he added.

Curtis Houck added:

Matthews followed up by fretting that military action against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad could “clear him of the charge” that he colluded with the Russians before the election because, you know, that’s what should be at the foremost of our minds. (That was sarcastic.)

The shameful MSNBC political analyst responded by complaining that “it may distract us if we get tiny a mess in Syria.” He then gloated what “a disaster” the Trump administration has been and chiefly on foreign policy with the National Security Adviser post and Devin Nunes.

“We need sound and sane national security policy. That function at the White House is centered in the National Security Council and so Trump has not been able to put a team in place there, and only yesterday afternoon he was saying, you know, my thinking is changed on Syria when he always said to Obama don’t do any of this. And now we might be rushing into military action without him contemplating it, without a National Security council that works,” he concluded.

Here’s video of the segment, courtesy of MRC:

Of course, we now know that Trump launched nearly 60 missiles into Syria in response to the chemical attack, which some claimed is a “false flag.”

One can only imagine what conspiracy Matthews and Corn will come up with next…


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