The saga of the missing emails drones on ad-nauseum

“There may have been nefarious conduct that went much higher than Lois Lerner.”
House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp

Just as a federal judge orders the IRS to explain under oath how the ‘infamous’ missing emails were lost now comes this…according to IRS information-technology (IT) experts it seems back-up tapes…considered an option of last resort for recovering any missing emails…have suddenly and miraculously been found even though the IRS kept claiming all these many months that the physical hard drive was either recycled or destroyed.

Still claiming “there is an issue” as to whether all the backup tapes were destroyed, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen confirmed they do indeed exist and that they were only ‘scratched’ NOT irreparably damaged as previously claimed…while at the same time talking out of both sides of his mouth by saying he does NOT know “how they found them” or “whether there’s anything on them or not.”

So it seems the proverbial buck is being passed yet again…all while wishing that the buck would just go away…and whining about who exactly ‘they’ are.

Also, remember the IRS said that while NOT done on purpose, Lerner’s hard drive was wiped clean and sent to an ‘outside’ disposal company to be “shredded”…more likely to be taken apart and melted down so that all incriminating evidence would be destroyed. The IRS also claimed that it tried everything possible to recover Lerner’s emails, including sending her computer for examination to a forensic expert within the IRS’s criminal division.

Within the IRS’s criminal division…gee…why didn’t the IRS let outside non-partisan experts examine said computer…I think the answer to that is quite obvious.

So now we have yet another case of IRS deception honed to a fine art if you will… and a deception billed like all the others…marked ‘payment due’ to ‘We the People.’

Fact: to date the IRS has spent almost 10 million of our taxpayer dollars to collect and turn over the documents asked for by the congressional investigators, including the gathering up and again turning over of 67,000 emails to and from Lerner that still happen to exist. But ain’t it odd that 67,000 emails just happen to exist but none of those are from the time period in question.

And so the game continues on as the IRS has said time and again that the reason NO copies of Lerner’s emails were available from the time period in question is because during that time they only backed-up emails for six months on tapes then recycled those tapes for reuse, erasing the existing data to assure clean tapes. Yet out of those 67,000 emails that do exist some are from before the time the IRS claims they only backed-up emails for six months.

Hmmm…selective losing of specific incriminating emails I would say.

And par for the course of those appointed by this administration…they LIE…for when all the bloviations and rhetoric are stripped away, the fact is that these emails were ‘selectively’ destroyed for what they contained…or for who they would expose. And even as House Republicans and at least one and possibly more federal judges grasp at straws and want to know if Lerner’s hard drive could possibly be tracked using a serial number and then restored, IRS IT experts recently said under oath that Lerner’s hard drive had indeed been wiped clean by tech staff and recycled by an unnamed outside contractor.

But if this wiping clean and destruction of the hard drive did indeed take place, where is some sort of invoice or a ‘certificate of destruction’ proving this happened. And with Koskinen saying he isn’t sure anything of the sort exists…that means that if one does NOT exist how does anyone know any of this actually happened… simply we do NOT.

Yet even ignoring this fact and just working on the premise that by some chance a restoration was possible…and it’s claimed that one contractor did identify the hard drive serial number but supposedly the IRS does NOT keep records of serial numbers (yeah right)…we know it would NEVER be allowed to happen for Barack HUSSEIN Obama has too much to lose if it did.

Too much to lose like the fact that his brother Malik applied for and got 501 (c)(3) status for the Islamic Da’wa Organization…of which he is Executive Secretary…an organization that is part of the coalition of ‘supposed’ charities headed by global Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Yet this anything but benign ‘charity’ was fast tracked and received the all-important tax-exempt status from none other than Lois Lerner herself.


And heaven forbid one or more of those missing emails shows a conversation between Lerner and Obama himself concerning the fast-tracked status for a group tied directly to a terrorist organization…tied directly to the Muslim Brotherhood…a terrorist organization that Barack HUSSEIN Obama outwardly supports.And too much to lose if it becomes wildly known that Obama’s very own grandmother heads the ‘Sarah Obama Benevolent Fund’ another ‘supposed’ charity that hides the fact that it uses monies raised to give scholarships to male Kenyan students to attend the most radical of Wahhabist madrases in Saudi Arabia. Monies raised under false premises so these students can study the intricacies of sharia law, and then upon their completion of studies more ‘charity’ monies are used to send them to other countries to help aid in their setting-up of sharia compliant

enclaves within those countries.

And again, none other than Lois Lerner herself gave this anything but a legitimate charity their 501(c)(3) status…on Obama’s orders perhaps.

Blood brethren on both accounts you know.

And lest we forget what started this whole sorted mess…the targeting of TEA Party and Conservative groups…delaying their applications if NOT outright denying them their rightful tax-exempt status. And did those missing emails point directly to Obama there too…I think a very good case could be made for that as well.

So as the IRS lie-fest continues…as Lois Lerner and John Koskinen dig themselves into an ever-deepening hole…and as the cover-up of Obama’s hand in all this continues to take shape…all I can say is this is the new reality of all that is the Obama administration’s DC…sad isn’t it.

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