Missing Jet and Missing Nukes….Is There Any Connection? Israel Prepares

israeli_jet_reutersWith the ever deepening mystery of Malaysia Flt 370, new theories are being floated every day.  This article asks the question is it possible that Iran could have aided in the theft of the jet and what are they capable of.  Since the searchers don’t even know where to look, it could be months before we know what really happened.

The Israeli government is preparing it’s defenses on the off chance that the Malaysian Flight 370 was hijacked and may be used as a weapon against their country.  The thought of a 9/11 style attack has them worried as it should.  Israeli air defenses have been boosted and all civilian aircraft will be required to identify itself upon entering their airspace.

Though the original hypothesis was that the jet crashed, subsequent investigations appear to show that the aircraft flew at least four hours after switching off it’s tracking equipment.  If that is true, then the plane could have been hijacked and flown to a friendly country or to a deserted island.  They could then use the jet for a future attack, possibly in Israel.  There were two of the passengers of Iranian descent, who used stolen passports.  Iran would like nothing better than to mount a large scale attack on Israel that cannot be laid conclusively at their feet.

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