Magazine suggests stripping white males of right to vote

An article published Tuesday at Affinity, an online publication for “aspiring teen journalists” that mixes “pop culture with social justice and politics,” suggests that white men be stripped of their right to vote, partly because of Donald Trump, but mostly out of revenge.

Malia Rolt, a contributor who describes herself as a “16 year old Asian teenager who is passionate about social justice and politics. A hardcore feminist, #BLM supporter and LGBTQ+ rights advocate,” wrote:

Last time a journalist dared to use their platform and freedom of speech to discuss this question on the Huffington Post, she was silenced and the article was taken down. However, I saw it and thought that the benefits of reversing white men’s suffrage was definitely worth discussing. After all, women and people of colour went through times of not being allowed to vote, and the fact that white men never had to experience that is an injustice. Despite the fact that we are given the illusion of democracy today (even though in reality the electoral college decides our future for us), do oppressors of minorities and women deserve to choose to continue our oppression, or should we help them by withdrawing the right to vote from them for a while until we can truly get on the same page and connect?

Translation: All white men are “oppressors” and should be stripped of their Constitutional rights because they may not agree with me.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

She continued:

Women were not allowed to vote in the United States until 1920, so that’s over a millennium of women lacking the right to vote. And what reparations have been paid since then? Nothing. Where’s the justice for women? Black suffrage in the United States has also been a slow process where even when people of colour were legally allowed to vote in the 1860s, there were many obstacles such as the “Black Codes” and voter intimidation in general. Where’s their justice? Nowhere to be found. Historically, white men have had few problems voting and the way things are going, they will never understand the kind of injustice others have faced.

Translation: Let’s get back at white men by stripping them of their Constitutional rights!

Oh, there’s more of this uninformed insanity:

Now, history lessons aside; many people who disagree so far might be thinking, “Yes, all this injustice that happened in the past was undoubtedly awful. However, two wrongs don’t make a right.” However one can’t be sure if withdrawing the white man’s vote could be considered a “wrong”. Furthermore, the point here that has to be made is that banning white men from voting temporarily will help them understand systemic injustice and help them become better, more empathetic allies to the social justice cause. In contexts like these, identity politics can be helpful, empowering and contributing to an important learning experience. White men who want to become better allies always come across the problem of “I will never understand what it feels like to be systemically oppressed” but this proposal may further their understanding of minority needs and improve relations between different genders and races, which is the ultimate goal; equality.

Translation: Let’s punish white men and make them think like us by stripping them of their Constitutional rights.

Talk about racist AND sexist!  This, in a nutshell, perfectly describes the Borg-like collective known as the modern left.

An article at the Daily Wire notes that at one time, only land-owners were allowed to vote.

“In 1856, North Carolina became the last state to remove property ownership as a requirement to vote. In 1870, blacks were given the right to vote by the 15th Amendment; women were granted the vote in 1920 by the 19th Amendment,” Hank Berrien wrote, adding:

As far as “systemic injustice,” buzzwords that convey nothing because they paint with a broad brush instead of referencing specific instances that can be addressed, Rolt’s adolescent rant is emblematic of the Left’s desire to tar all whites with the same brush.

Rolt, if indeed that is her real name, actually did us all a favor by exposing the left for what it really is: a totalitarian ideology based on rage, hate and revenge.


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