Looting at Wilmington Family Dollar – Police Told Not to Intervene

Hannah Brewer, a local news reporter, drove by the Wilmington Family Dollar store and noted that looting that was occurring there. She documented the situation on camera and contacted police. But the management told police not to intervene.

Screenshot via Twitter Blue Lives Matter/Hannah Brewer

Blue Lives Matter reported that the store reportedly told police not to intervene if people looted. If the management of the store was refusing to press charges, police would have been unable to accomplish much by intervening. But never fear, the looters will not get away with it “scott-free.”

There were men with masks on across the street from the store. Ms Brewer was in danger, but may not have realized it. Her bosses finally pulled her out of the scene.

WECT reported that the District Attorney in Wilmington had advertised earlier in the week that he was clearing out room in the jail for looters. He told police to “aggressively” pursue those to took advantage of the situation by stealing. He said authorities will try to identify the people from the video.

“There is a vacancy sign on our jail. We have room for people who are going to show the worst in humanity during this. If that means going into unoccupied homes because people have left or looting property that’s exposed to the elements or price gouging that comes in the wake of clean up.” District Attorney Ben David

Five of the looters have been arrested based on identification from the video that Hannah shot. Being told to stand down during a disaster is a disaster all of its own. The District Attorney and Wilmington Police will charge the offenders however they can at this point.

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The comments on both Hannah Brewer’s Tweet and the Wilmington Police are telling of the attitudes prevalent in today’s world. One side saw the looting as bad, the others said the Family Dollar was “just trying to help” during a disaster and will get a hefty insurance payout (but not if they told police to stay away – just sayin’).

Amanda tweeted:

“They’re not encouraging looting …they are being gracious in a time of need. Have you ever barely survived regular life and then had to survive a DEADLY hurricane too? People are just trying to eat drink and wipe their ass. Back off my city, please.”

Charlie tweeted:

“Agree. Don’t approve of stealing but know it is a dire situation for many. TG for dollar stores! Admire that chose to de-escalate this. I am sure these folk’s will

AlabamaW tweeted:

“But you are suppose to honor the law? What are we teaching people? The insurance carrier will not be happy with management.”

CB tweeted:

“The people defending this are just as much a part of the problem as the thieves themselves! Everyone is acting like because there was a hurricane it gives you the right to steal?! They aren’t that desperate. There are shelters. There are restaurants and stores opening up.”

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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