MSNBC Propagandist Suggests ‘Civil Consequences’ Against GOP Rep. Boebert, Tucker Carlson, Over Colorado Shooting (Video)

MSNBC, as I have repeatedly stated, is the official network of insane liberal rage, hate, and stupid lying liberal propaganda.  Sadly, they prove it on any given day of the week.  While appearing on Monday’s edition of “Deadline,” MSNBC national security analyst Frank Figliuzzi blamed Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., and Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the shooting at an “LGBTQ” club in Colorado Springs, Colorado, instead of the person who actually pulled the trigger.

“It is it about instilling fear, and the correct response for the rest of us is to step up and push back right at them. So it’s hatred. It’s clinging to weapons. It’s ignorance of the other, demonizing the other. We said this over and over again. But strategically, what appears to be happening is they want to deny people the safe haven and safe harbor, whether we’re talking about kids in school feeling unsafe because of guns. Black churches feeling like they are going to get shot up, like at a Bible study that’s happened in South Carolina. Whether it’s synagogues, whether it’s the gay club on a weekend night, there seems to be a concerted effort to not only instill fear but deny the safe places,” Figliuzzi claimed.

“We need to see accountability and consequences. So first, a real quick hate crime charge here on top of the homicide charges. I applaud that. That tells me prosecutors and police, they found quickly what they needed. That means they know this was a bias crime. This is likely since we’ve heard reports that the subject isn’t cooperative with police, that means they likely found clearly and convincing evidence on his devices. If he’s a consumer of the people we just rattled off, from Lauren Boebert to Tucker Carlson. Let’s get it out. Let’s get it out at trial. Let’s expose it for what it is, name it, and shame it. He is a consumer of these people, and those people should face civil consequences from the victims,” he added.

Here’s video, as provided by Newbusters:

Here’s a transcript of the odious segment, provided by Newsbusters:

MSNBC’s Deadline: White House
4:15:28 p.m. Eastern

NICOLLE WALLACE: You have anti-LGBTQ rhetoric spewed on the most watched hours of Fox News at a regular clip against the U.S. Military, against gay men and women, against gay teachers, against their right to exist. Speak to the dehumanization that goes on all day, every day, in America.

SEN. MALLORY MCMORROW: I mean, it’s absolutely repulsive to watch the number of people in the wake of this horrific tragedy not wanting to take any responsibility. You know, hate doesn’t exist in a vacuum. And this has been a record year, 2022, for anti-LGBTQ legislation led by the GOP. Anti-trans legislation, and we now see with Libs of TikTok, on the very same day that this shooting happened targeting another drag show in Colorado. We’ve seen windows being smashed at gay bars.

We’ve seen militia members lining up outside of these places and it’s a tinderbox waiting to explode. There are consequences for words and actions, you cannot scapegoat and dehumanize an entire group of people and not expect that something terrible is gonna happen. So, somebody like this person, yes, we don’t know the motive yet, but this is clearly a hateful person. And when there’s a constant drum beat out there from respected elected officials from respected messengers, from TV networks, saying that these people are wrong, and they’re trying to damage your children, people are gonna take action.

This is straight out of the Qanon playbook where we saw a shooter open fire at comet ping-pong believing that there was a basement there that contained children. This is the exact same language of grooming and pedophilia targeting the LGBTQ community it kills. So anybody who is out there claiming free speech and trying to distance themselves from it. Yes, we have free speech in this country, but it has consequences. And you can’t take part in this continued onslaught of words against the LGBTQ community and not look at this and have blood on your hands.


4:31:01 p.m. Eastern

MCMORROW: It is our burden to recognize that it’s on us. You know, it’s really easy to target and marginalize a group of people that represent a minority of the population because their a minority. And it works when those who are members of a majority let it happen. Who think to ourselves, it’s not about me.

I don’t want to step in it. I’m going to just wait until it blows over. Because the reality is, it’s not going to blow over. I want to give credit where credit is due. I haven’t watched it yet, but my mom, in the wake of my speech and everything we’ve done, she spoke last night at a school board meeting in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, about efforts to ban books that feature LGBTQ characters. And that is what it’s going to take, is people in every single community, standing up and looking out for each other, and change is possible. To echo Tim’s point, yes, it’s going to be about laws.

But it’s also going to be about all of us paying attention about who is writing those laws and putting people in office who will not attack people for their own political gain. Or to score cheap political points, making the bet that the minority group isn’t going to push back. And that’s probably true. Because based on the numbers, it would be impossible for that to happen.

But the rest of us can stand with them and say it’s not okay. You won’t do it on our watch. We all stand together. And we see that you’re just scapegoating. So that’s what we have to do together, I’m kind of living proof of that happening, I’m from Royal Oak, Michigan which was home of Father Coughlin who during the great depression, really became the first right-wing media empire.

Had tens of millions of listeners on his radio show that was anti-semitic and hateful. And many decades later, I am here. We’re now a community that is full of deeply religious people and a lot of members of the LGBTQ community and we’re welcoming & diverse. It happens over time if all of us step up.


4:35:15 p.m. Eastern

FRANK FIGLIUZZI: Prosecutors and police, they found quickly what they needed. That means they know this was a biased crime. This is likely since we’ve heard reports that the subject isn’t cooperative with police, that means they likely found clear and convincing evidence on his devices. If he’s a consumer, of the people we just rattled off from Lauren Boebert to Tucker Carlson, let’s get it out. Let’s get it out at trial, let’s expose it for what it is, name it, and shame it. He’s a consumer of these people and those people should face civil consequences from the victims. The other thing they want to deny is not only the safe harbor but the way we resolve this.

And by that, I mean, you asked earlier, how do we put a stop to hate? One of the things you would normally do is teach young children in school, here’s what race is about. Here’s what these other people over here, who may seem different to you, they have a different orientation. But you know what? Increasingly, states are saying, no, no, no, you can’t talk about race, say the word gay or teach anything in school.


FIGLIUZZI: So, they deny the resolution mechanism that we would normally use.

Figliuzzi, by the way, is the same knucklehead who once claimed that Trump ordering flags flown at half-mast is a hidden shout-out to white supremacists and Adolf Hitler, thereby proving that he has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.  Apparently, credibility isn’t necessary for employment at MSNBC, just the ability to twist reality.

Newsbusters’ Kevin Tober noted that “(Michigan state Senator Mallory) McMorrow offered no evidence that the gunman was inspired by anyone on cable television or elected officials.”

But this is MSNBC, where evidence isn’t necessary.

More and more it seems the only real difference between the American left and the tyrants who ran Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union is native language.


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