Videos: CNN-owned HLN censors Trump supporter’s t-shirt — Got Stalin?

HLN censors Trump supporter's T-shirt
Screengrab: YouTube

The “DESPERATION” of the leftist-marxist-liberal-democrats in this general election cycle increases exponentially with each passing second.  Consider just the latest example.  HLN — a subsidiary of CNN, also known as the “Clinton News Network” — decided to blur out a hero’s T-shirt emblazoned with Trump 2016. This hero most likely prevented yet another horrific tragedy by rescuing a child left alone and locked in an overheating car.

The initial interview showed the t-shirt, as you can see in the video below:

The shirt’s message was censored in subsequent airings of the interview, however, as you can see below:

What do you think would’ve happened if this hero were wearing a Hillary 2016 shirt? It would be on every single liberally controlled ‘news/media’ outlet 24/7 for all it was worth. My guess to would be the ‘reporters’ would’ve made mention of the T-shirt and a hero being aligned with her.

Is America headed for a recession?

This reeks of Stalinism/Marxism, whereas back in the day Stalin was the king of revising history, removing people from pictures (most that he had killed). He kept his iron-fisted stranglehold on the press in order to protect his public image, thus preserving his political power over both his enemies and the people.

They should be scared, they KNOW that more and more American-loving Patriots have access to more “reality and truth” based information than ever before. This is due of course in large part to the growth of the WWW.

They no longer control the majority of where Americans get their news in our country. These marxist leaning, agenda driven, propaganda filled ‘news’ outlets, have been exposed for the ruinous, misinformation spewing “liberal democratic reelection” machines that they actually are.


Now, I’m a realist, there are still far too many “lemmings/sheep/plebes/zombies” that will be led by their noses until they meet their maker, but I really feel that the “broken record talking points” of racism, sexism, homophobia and mindless political correctness are being revealed for what they actually are; namely the most formidable tools in a Marxist arsenal.

Many Americans are sick and tired of the overblown self-righteous holier than thou agenda-driven falsehoods being peddled by the lap-dog lame stream media. Most quite simply, want this country to be pointed back in the direction that made it great via the precedent that our founders set in motion over 240 years ago.

Most are intelligent enough and well-versed in the factual history that is our country to know that the original “news reporters” were holding our employees (politicians) to task when it came to serving the citizens of our republic. The advent of the reporter was a direct result of holding politicians responsible and in check to the American citizen.

the Washington Examiner’s T. Becket Adams initially thought this was made up and tweeted, “I don’t get it. Like, what even is the point of making up something like this? Giggles?”

What is up with the “valley girl” speak from the 1980’s? And then the “giggles?”

All that aside, he later realized this was real, adding:


It is said that; “Knowledge is power and Information is power.”

This is very true “If” said information and knowledge is imparted with honesty and based on reality.

But, in most cases when political aspirations hang in the balance, it has also been said; “The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.”

IMHO, most liberal democratic politicians (along with most politicians) have turned camouflaging tyranny, into an art form. One simply needs to look no further than to Obama, and his tyrannical, despotic 3rd world UN-Constitutional power grab in real time, to see the very negative results. Stay ever vigilant my fellow Patriots and be ever-ready with the facts and truth for those around you that need it.
00 lap dogs
Do your own homework, reveal the truths in your own way so you may be armed to the hilt with the information needed to be an informed citizen/voter.

Question everything, do not be cajoled by those that look to increase their power and dominion over you.

The truth should set this country free and turn it away from the abyss of total tyranny, irrelevancy and failure.

Be a sheepdog, not a sheep being led to the slaughter — your family is counting on you. God Bless America.
0000 cannot run on her record lap dog media support
H/T: Gateway Pundit



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Michael Slavin, Sr.

Former United States Navy Special Intelligence Operator who held a Top Secret SI security clearance. Father of 5 beautiful and highly intelligent children and grandfather of 1 equally beautiful and intelligent granddaughter. My life's quote; My passion and Patriotism radiate from deep within my being, for I wish to leave my children and grandchildren a strong and vibrant republic, from which they may pursue their passions and dreams unhindered by an over reaching and obtrusive government~~~~~~Michael Slavin Sr.

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