Liberal hatemongers attack nine-year-old Trump supporter in viral video with racist hate, calls for violence

Scratch a liberal, find a racist, violent hatemonger.  On Sunday, a viral video of a young girl excited to see Donald Trump that dates back to January 2016 was reposted to Twitter, prompting an avalanche of racist hate and calls for violence, the Gateway Pundit said.

The video was posted by a Twitter user who wrote, “this is singlehandedly (sic) the whitest, most unseasoned thing i’ve (sic) ever watched.”

“This the ugliest s**t I’ve ever seen,” tweeted 18-year-old Internet personality Nazanin Kavari in response‏.

Actually, the “ugly” was only beginning, according to Kristinn Taylor, who said the tweet sparked calls for violence against the young girl.

“I will punch that lil girl in ha (sic) face,” said one hatemonger in a tweet that has since been deleted but can still be seen here.

“I’ll run over this bitch with a car,” another hatemonger said.  That tweet was also deleted but was not archived.

Then there was this:

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Another hatemonger suggested drowning the young girl:

One person asked:

The answer to that question is easy.  Liberalism, as I’ve said repeatedly since February 2011, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Often, that hate includes calls and threats of violence, and the age of the target doesn’t matter.  One case we reported on during the 2012 campaign involved death threats against a six-year-old boy who supported Mitt Romney.

According to Taylor, the Washington Post reported about the girl in the video, identified as Ava Lovley, and her mother, Kim, from Newport, Maine when it first went viral in January 2016:

Kim arranged for the family to see Trump at an event in Farmington, N.H., about three miles from Newport, just over the state line. “When I put [the video] on Facebook, basically it was just for our friends and family to see how happy she was,” Kim said. “It wasn’t for any political agenda.” When a friend helped her upload the video to YouTube, though, it blew up. Kim and her husband Jason had been fielding phone calls from members of the media all day.

This, by the way, is the modern left…


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