GOP Swallows Classified-Doc Bait, Shirks Constitutional Obligations (Video)

Mexican crime cartels are merely filling a power vacuum willfully created by America’s elected traitors, Democrat and Republican. Criminals do what lawmakers allow them to do.

The Stupid Party has swallowed the bait Democrats laid. Republicans are orgiastic about the Democrat-orchestrated ouster of Biden over classified documents mishandled. Where along the continuum of cretinism is the GOP currently perched?

We’re on the Mar-a-Lago vs. the Delaware classified-documents distinction, where strictly partisan, less-philosophical conservatives like Victor Davis Hansen try defensively to outline differences between the infractions of the Democrats’ guy (Biden) and our guy’s transgressions (Trump’s).

This “Trump did it right” vs. “Biden did it wrong” case is an extension of the original distraction. In fact, you don’t have to read such undignified argument to know that it is not an argument from first principles.

Republican glee over Biden’s (almost unavoidable) mishandling of classified, “highly sensitive” state documents, demonstrates how this lot, the GOP, is unserious about its rights-based constitutional obligations to the voters. These obligations include:

  • Impeaching Biden for the country having been invaded and consequently permanently altered. The demographic tipping point has arrived, and Biden had heralded it in opening the border by presidential decree. From here on in, America will be what I term in the book “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” a dominant-party state.The Vandals and Huns, the Goths and Visigoths are here to stay by invitation of the American treason class.
  • Demanding day-in, day-out that the 4-5 million outlaws invited into the country illegally be rounded up and deported, and not one more penny be confiscated from taxpayers to pay for their keep and safe passage into American communities. The overtone window alludes to a range of ideas once considered unthinkable, but now normalized. With their flaccid, crushingly stupid responses to most situations, for example the self-induced “crisis” on the southwestern border, Republicans have normalized an open border, through which millions of impoverished people are flowing.The range of responses issuing from GOP representatives consists in nauseating treacle about a “humanitarian disaster,” a “crisis,” and mumbo-jumbo about cartels-in-control: Blame the cartels for the choice made by American leaderships to shirk their constitutional duty to uphold the country’s territorial integrity.That’s crap.

    Habitually do Republicans misplace compassion, making brazen trespassers the repository for their empathy. Moreover, they and their megaphones in media have shifted blame from the American State, themselves include, to the Mexican crime cartels, who are merely filling a power vacuum willfully created by American elected traitors. The last are guilty as sin for centrally orchestrating the invasion of their country and outlawing any effective defensive counter-action. The first are not to blame. Criminals do what lawmakers allow them to do.

  • Forthwith repealing all manner of COVID restrictions, including the ban on white, unvaccinated non-citizens from vising the U.S.Why do I assert that the travel ban on the unvaccinated is anti-white? Simply because the regulation stipulates that foreigners from “countries with limited COVID-19 vaccine availability” may be forgiven for entering the United States unvaccinated! Witness the southwestern border. The rule banning unvaccinated non-citizens is thus a proxy for race, engineered to privilege brown and black Third Worlders and disfavor those Westerners who, while having had the good sense to reject the kill shot, travel from countries in which the “mRNAgent Orange” is abundant.
  • Besides, why is the Administrative State – the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – rule-making around our right of freedom of association, and that of our friends and trading partners? Is it not an opportune time for the GOP castrati to challenge the Managerial State’s unconstitutional usurpation of constitutional rights?
  • Beating back crime and lawlessness: Clearing our cities of all homeless encampments. Homelessness in America’s once-great cities is no longer purely a local issue. When local governments legislate away the constitutional and natural rights of residents to live unmolested, it becomes a federal matter.Empower law-enforcement to regularly raid and remove loiterers who are living rough. Likewise, let citizens defend person and property against squatters, in particular, and against a criminal class that has morphed into a constituency with representation, in general.
  • Defunding all institutions that practice woke anti-whiteness starting with public schools, tertiary, secondary, primary and kindergarten. Add gender ideology. Yes, the Democrats are the party of sexual-offenders-by-proxy, of violent criminals, outlaws and scofflaws. If not by commission, Republicans are guilty by omission, having allowed the normalization of the unthinkable.
  • Ceasing to bait the Russian bear, forcing a diplomatic solution on that kept man, Zelensky.

Or, given how dumb the GOP (RIP) is, just emulate what the good Gov. Ron DeSantis is doing, but amplified.

WATCH us hash-out the issues further on “Steamrolled By The Abrams: Republican Cretins Swallow Classified-Doc Bait.” David Vance and your columnist offer daggers to the media-military-congressional-industrial-complex for sending their latest to Ukraine:


This article was originally published by the WND News Center.


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