Liberal fascism: D.C. Public Charter School Board employee under investigation for allegedly holding political point of view

On Wednesday, WAMU reported that the D.C. Public Charter School Board is investigating allegations that John Goldman, a senior manager of finance, analysis and strategy with the board, for allegedly holding a political point of view.

According to the report, critics say Goldman has written blog posts that are aligned with the so-called “alt-right,” an amorphous political movement that is associated with white nationalism.

Goldman admits that he has posted to his blog for years, writing about issues ranging from career and dating advice to illegal immigration and feminism.  But he denies any association with the alt-right or white nationalism and further says he is the victim of a “vicious smear campaign indicative of the nasty times we live in.”

“I 100 percent deny any association, affiliation with, or support of the alt-right, [white nationalist] Richard Spencer, racism, fascism, or anything else other than a liberal Democracy where each citizen has equal protection under the law,” he said, according to the report. “Any notion I am a white supremacist is a complete fabrication, while the opposite is unquestionably true: I am open minded, I love everyone, and I wish nothing more than for our country to come together.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The report further says the allegations originally came from an individual describing herself as an anarchist protester:

The accusations come after the all-girls Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, Maryland, announced that in October it fired substitute teacher Gregory Conte because of his ties to white nationalist leader Richard Spencer. But while Conte admitted his links to Spencer and the broader white nationalist movement, Goldman says he abhors any such views. Goldman is an employee of a city agency, and, under the First Amendment, he enjoys broader rights in expressing himself on personal and political matters — even if those opinions are seen as offensive by some.

A spokeswoman for the charter school board confirmed that it is investigating the accusations, and Goldman says he was placed on administrative leave pending the conclusion of the investigation.

The accusations were first posted Monday night on Twitter by Lacy MacAuley, a self-described anarchist protester. She accused Goldman, who says he is Jewish, of writing what she termed “white supremacist” blog posts under the pseudonym Jack Murphy, and associating with alt-right leaders.

MacAuley reportedly spotted Goldman at a protest outside the White House last year.  Goldman admitted he was there, but only as an observer.

MacAuley also accused Goldman, who said he is Jewish, of writing what she called “white supremacist” blog posts under the pseudonym Jack Murphy, and associating with alt-right leaders.

Goldman, who describes himself on his site as a “proven charter school veteran and business leader,” said Jack Murphy is his pseudonym.  Over the last year, he has written about a number of political and social topics.

In March 2017, for example, he wrote: “Is it worth educating, protecting, and defending illegal immigrants if it means our daughters will be raped while they are at school?”

There’s more, according to WAMU, which added:

That same month, Goldman described his transition from “Democrat to Deplorable,” saying that he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but cast a ballot for President Trump in 2016 after “Democrats created a new environment in which normal beliefs are heretical.” (He says he is writing a book about his political conversion from “Democrat to Deplorable.”)

“A man and woman are different you say? We all have different aptitudes? We should spend our money on Americans instead of aliens? We should lift ourselves up before we lift up others? You are [N]azis now, says the left. Racists. Bigots. Terrible vile people!” he wrote.

Goldman called Trump “unabashedly masculine, unafraid to violate the fascism of political correctness, and willing to take on the issues of the 21st century.”

“I am unashamed to be masculine. I see myself holding on to something which is under attack. There is a war against men and boys, being myself and holding strong is an act of protest,” he wrote. “The world always needs a villain and today, that villain is the white straight male who knows what he wants and is unafraid to get it.”

Goldman isn’t taking the allegations sitting down and called MacAuley an “admitted member of known domestic terror group Antifa” who is out to libel and shame him.

WAMU said Goldman has openly criticized Spencer and his ideas, citing an article at the New Yorker.  He also rejects the “alt-right” label, and describes himself as “new right.”

Additionally, Andrew Marantz wrote, Goldman — identified by his pseudonym — said he nearly came to blows with Richard Spencer:

Standing near me were Jack Murphy, who is at work on a book called “Democrat to Deplorable,” and Jeff Giesea, one of the organizers of a group called maga Meetups. They decided to walk to the National Mall to observe the alt-right rally. I tagged along. “I don’t expect any drama,” Murphy said. “I just want to see what the vibe is like.” The last time I’d been with him, after a pre-Inauguration party called the DeploraBall, he and Spencer had nearly come to blows. “If Cernovich hadn’t broken it up, I would have beaten the shit out of him,” Murphy told me. “I kept asking him simple questions, and he wouldn’t answer. He wants to create a white ethno-state. O.K., how does he propose to make that happen, exactly? Forced expulsions? I wanted to make him admit either that he doesn’t have a plan or that his plan is too fucking unpalatable to even speak about in public.”

While critics have demanded Goldman be fired, the left-wing ACLU said not so fast.

“He’s expressing his personal views about political issues. Yes, he’s got a First Amendment right to do that, same as every other government employee,” said Art Spitzer of the D.C.-area ACLU. “The charter school board should explain that this is America, people have a right to express their political opinions. Liberals shouldn’t want the charter school board to fire people because they have conservative views.”

“I am a social justice advocate,” Goldman told WAMU in an email. “I have worked 10 years in the charter school community, turning around some of the worst performing schools in the city, ones that served virtually 100 percent African American students. I have succeeded where many others have failed in improving the educations of our city’s poor black youth.”

Sadly, it sure seems that way.


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