A law to make anti-gunners cringe, a firearm in every American’s home

Keep guns in the hands of all AmericansThe very thought of requiring every American to own a firearm would undoubtedly make anti-gunners cringe. Those desiring gun control laws to be stricter continue to ignore the fact that criminals use gun-free zones as a killing ground because no firearms are allowed. Anti-gunners believe their gun-control agenda will keep Americans safe.

The debate between gun-control advocates and gun rights advocates, when it concerns the Second Amendment, is often a divisive one. Some anti-gunners continue to believe the only way to protect Americans is to ban the ownership of firearms. Would the complete banning of firearms keep Americans safe? Perhaps we can find the answer to that question by examining other countries that have taken away their citizen’s rights to own firearms.

In 2009, the U.K.’s Telegraph published an article titled: The “violent crime capital of Europe.” They noted the U.K. has one of the highest reported violence rates in the whole world. Their per-capita rate is far worse than South Africa, Australia and even America.

The Crime in England and Wales 2010/11 report recorded 45,326 serious sexual offenses, though the report notes these types of crimes are typically under-reported. The rate of rape, per 100,000, in Great Britain and Wales is higher than the U.S. The rape rates have risen in England every year for the last four, according to the report. Violent crime rose six percent during 2010-11.

Anti-gunners would have us believe the U.K.’s prohibition on gun ownership of semi-automatic weapons and handguns by private citizens keep them safer. If gun control laws stop crime, how can anti-gunners explain the rise in violent crime? Simply put they can’t explain away the statistics, ever.

If anti-gun laws don’t keep Great Britain’s citizens safe, it will not keep Americans safe. Statistics prove, time and again, that criminals are deterred by those who have firearms. A new gun study, published earlier this year, by Quinnipiac University economist Mark Gius suggests concealed carry laws save lives and assault weapons bans are ineffective.

The study is published in the Applied Economic Letters and reveals states with less restrictive concealed carry laws save lives while states with more gun control actually endanger lives. The study also purports to show that states with gun control measures such as assault weapons bans are not responsible for reducing state-level murder rates.

Undoubtedly the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment with the intent of keeping America safe. They seemed to know our nation would be safer if every able-bodied man owned a firearm. (They also knew that perhaps one day citizens of this nation could have to deal with a tyrannical government as they had to do.)

In early colonial days, there were laws on the books that required firearm ownership. The next part of this article will examine those laws, all quotes from the laws and statutes are in their original language.

One of the clearest declarations concerning the duty of citizens to own a gun is found in Connecticut’s 1650 code, which says:

That all persons that are above the age of sixteene yeares, except magistrates and church officers, shall beare arms…; and every male person with this jurisdiction, above the said age, shall have in continuall readines, a good muskitt or other gunn, fitt for service, and allowed by the clark of the band…

Virginia is another state that required gun ownership. A statute written in 1684 required free Virginians to: “”provide and furnish themselves with a sword, musquet and other furniture fitt for a soldier… two pounds of powder, and eight pounds of shott….” By 1755, all cavalry officers were obligated to provide themselves with “holsters and pistols well fixed.

Even in New York, which today has some pretty strict gun control laws, had requirements concerning gun ownership. Their statute says:

“Besides the Generall stock of each Town[,] Every Male within this government from Sixteen to Sixty years of age, or not freed by public Allowance, shall[,] if freeholders[,] at their own, if sons or Servants[,] at their Parents and Masters Charge and Cost, be furnished from time to time and so Continue well furnished with Arms and other Suitable Provition hereafter mentioned: under the penalty of five Shillings for the least default therein[:] Namely a good Serviceable Gun, allowed Sufficient by his Military Officer to be kept in Constant fitness for present Service” along with all the other equipment required in the field.”

If you would like to read more about the Colonial firearms regulations you can check out this pdf by clicking here.

The question this writer would like to ask is, when did America become so disjointed and fearful when it comes to firearms? Here’s an idea that would certainly make every anti-gunner cringe-pass laws that would require every able-bodied man and woman to own a firearm to protect themselves.

Americans can’t always depend on law enforcement and the government to protect us. In some cities around our nation it takes precious minutes for the police to arrive when a crime is committed. Time isn’t something that is always available to a victim of a violent crime, by the time help arrives it could be too late.

Shouldn’t it be part of every American’s responsibility to take matters into their own hands when it comes to protecting themselves? It’s a matter of life and death for certain. Therefore, this writer proposes a radical idea, we should pass laws that require Americans to own firearms. Let’s follow in the footsteps of our founding father’s and make sure every American has the opportunity to continue to own firearms and protect themselves.

Just to name a couple of towns in our nation that requires firearms ownership are Nucla, Colorado and Kennesaw, Georgia. Can you imagine how their laws are making criminals think twice before breaking into someone’s home? Keeping guns in the hands of ordinary and responsible Americans is surely the best deterrent to becoming a victim of a violent crime.

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