Rapper: Blacks should learn to kill, sicken white people without touching them

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banksI never heard of Azealia Banks — mostly because I don’t follow rap music — until my good friend Steven H. Ahle wrote about her and what seems to be her desire to see white people killed.

According to Ahle, Banks’ “only real claim to fame is trying to pick fights with successful artists in order to get publicity and even that doesn’t work.”  But she appears to be quite prolific on Twitter, he added, and recently posted these two gems certain to help heal the racial divide:



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Um, okay…  So, Banks apparently thinks blacks have magical powers they can use to eliminate whites…  And she seems serious.  Not everyone was on board with the whole racist voodoo thing, however.



Good idea…

She also assured the planet she knows what she’s talking about.  The profanity proves it, you see:


Naturally, some agreed with her:



Truth…  Right.  Wonder how much of Soros’ money she got


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